Get Your Quidditch Fix At New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con

Quidditch is coming to NYCC and you can join in on the fun. Demo games and open matches will take place on Saturday and Sunday in Hall 1B from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM, and they are open to participants and spectators of all ages.

Here’s how the sport works in real life:

Quidditch, the game that started in a book, was brought to life by college students, and has official teams at over 300 universities worldwide, is now coming to the New York Comic Con! The International Quidditch Association will be bringing local teams, including the NYU Hipster Horcruxes, to demonstrate the sport, host matches, and lead open games for NYCC participants to join in.

Real-life Quidditch, or “Muggle Quidditch” as it is often called, is a co-ed sport and as absurdly fun as it sounds. The Snitch is a very fast person (Seekers must tear a sockball from the back of their shorts to earn an extra 30 points for their team and end the game), Beaters peg each other with dodgeballs, Chasers dunk volleyballs through the opposing team’s hoops, and every player darts across the field holding a broom between their legs.

If you’re going to be in NYC during November, the Wold Cup will be taking place November 12-13 and you can find more information here. You’ll be able to purchase and win tickets at New York Comic Con!

Who’s going to check this out? Sounds pretty interesting!

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