New York Comic Con Floor Plan

New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con has released the floor plan for this years event! I must say, I really love how it’s interactive and you can add booths to your personal schedule. It really makes things easier. I think a certain West Coast convention needs to look into something like this for their event.

Obviously I can’t list all the booths but here’s some information on some of the major companies:

Marvel: Booth 654
DC: Booth 1254
Dark Horse Comics: Booth 1238
HASBRO: Booth 302
StylinOnline: Booth 354
Threadless: Booth 248
Rockstar Games: Booth 1604
Ubisoft Entertainment: Booth 1322
Star Wars Celebration VI: Booth 114

I’m sure you won’t be able to miss some of the larger booths like Marvel & DC! According to the floor plan, they both appear to be two of the larger booth areas. The only booth that looks larger is HASBRO.

Man, I can’t wait! This is my first time attending NYCC and I’m pumped! What about you guys?

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