The Uproar Over Superman’s Costume

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Promo Photo for Man of Steel
Today pictures appeared online of Henry Cavill, who is starring as Clark Kent/Superman in the 2013 Superman movie, “Superman: Man of Steel” in the new costume.

See costume pics here!

The most notable change in the costume is the fact that there are no red briefs. In fact, there is very little red on the entire costume. Just the boots, cape and signature “S” chest plate.

The costume itself seems to be more like Body Armor, tight fitting and Spandex in a navy blue color. It has a texture almost like chainmail or fish scales to it as well. I didn’t see any photos with his feet included, however it looks like the boots are included in this one piece getup.

It seems that most of the fans in the blog-i-sphere are upset because the costume is just a vague whisper of the the ones portrayed in the comics and previous movies. In fact, it is more like the latest Spiderman costume than anything else.

Personally, I like the costume. Sure I’m probably bias because I like (in the fangirl sense) Henry Cavill and he could be wearing a potato sack and I’d be a happy camper.

That being said, I see nothing wrong with the costume itself. While a lot of people are crying in outrage at director Zack Snyder, I think it is more to do with progression and tone of the film.

The new costume is sleek and yes, skin tight. This would allow a more fluid movement of the wearer as well as a better chance for CGI graphics and clean editing by the crew. Also, the texture to the suit seems to be a foreshadowing that this could be a more serious/dark film.

I’m not a comic expert by any means but I do know a little disturbance in the norm gets those die-hard fans in an uproar. Anyone else remember “Nipplegate” when George Clooney was Batman? So what is your opinion?

One thought on “The Uproar Over Superman’s Costume

  • It would appear though that the costume is closely tied to the new 52 look, as seen in the first issue released today. It would seem that the movies, much like the rest of the DC franchise, are all trying to synchronize with the new trend and trying to modernize the style-sheets of their characters. We probably wouldn’t notice this change as much with Batman’s costume, being that it updates itself regularly with each movie but I might wager that it would bare striking resemblance to the new 52 costume as well. Personally I might enjoy the next Green Lantern movie if GL’s costume looked more like his new 52 costume but that is just personal taste.

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