Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Baltimore

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If you’re in Baltimore this weekend for Baltimore Comic Con, be sure to check out Geppi’s Entertainment Museum if you have the extra time. It’s located pretty much right next door to the convention center in the warehouse at Oriole Part At Camden Yards.

If you love pop culture (and comics) you should check it out. One of the exhibits they have going on at the moment is A Story in Four Colors:

While over 340 different character-based products have been used to simultaneously entertain and educate children, comic books have had a unique influence on the development of entertainment characters and serve as a microcosm of our pop culture story. Our comic book library tells this tale.

Another comic related exhibit is called “When Heroes Unite” and focuses on the years from 1928-1945:

From 1928 to 1945, the Great Depression and World War II molded a new America through extreme adversity. Escape could be found in the newspaper comic pages, on radio shows and at the movies. Charles Lindbergh’s historic journey inspired high-flying heroes from Mickey Mouse to Superman. When America faced its darkest hour, comic characters led the way to victory.

You can see what else they offer on their museum page.

If you’re interested in visiting the museum is open Tuesday – Sunday from 10am-6pm. If you’re an adult the price is $10 and children 5-18 are $7. If you take public transit to get here show them your stub and you’ll get $2 off your ticket! How awesome is that?

Here’s a video that shows off more of Geppi’s Entertainment Museum!

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