Dragon*Con Photo Op Information


Believe it or not, Dragon*Con is almost here! I know during my first SDCC, photo ops were a big part of my planning. Where else do you get the chance to have your picture taken with your favorite celebrity? It really can be a once in a lifetime thing. Well, if you’re going to Dragon*Con, you might be interested in the following chances to “say cheese” with your favorite people!

Craig Damon Photos With The Stars:

Amanda Tapping: $50
Amanda Tapping & Christopher Heyerdahl: $99
Louis Ferriera: $50
David Blue: $40
Julie McNiven: $30
Christopher Heyerdahl: $40
Louis Ferriera & David Blue: $99
David Blue & Julie McNiven: $79

Robin Dunne: $40
Amanda Tapping: $50
Amanda Tapping & Robin Dunne: $99
Christopher Heyerdahl: $40
Amanda Tapping & Christopher Heyerdahl: $99

Froggy’s Photos: This is just a very small sample of who’s available. Be sure to check out the website for the complete list!

William Shatner: $75
Stan Lee: $40
James Marsters: $60
Tom Felton: $30
Joe Manganiello: $30
Julie Benz: $30
Sam Witwer: $30
Felicia Day:$30

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