San Diego Comic Con & Foursquare

San Diego Comic Con

Just like the year before, if you checked into San Diego Comic Con via Foursquare you earned a super sweet and exclusive badge that was sponsored by South Park this year! You didn’t have to do anything special like shout something out, all you had to do was check in and this is what you earned:

Here’s the fun text that went with it:

It’s no Chili Con Carnival, but you’ve just cooked up the Comic-Con 2011 Badge! The South Park Experience is just across the street at First and J Street to score a super-sweet t-shirt.

Yes, that’s right. Not only did you earn a cool new badge that could only be earned by attending SDCC, but you could get a free shirt as well! If it’s free, it’s me! You know I headed over Saturday to get my free shirt. It was funny too because some people were trying to get a shirt but had no idea what they had to do. I give kudos to the people handing them out who kept people honest. You had to actually show them the badge on your phone. You couldn’t just say you had checked in. I’m glad something that was “exclusive” stayed that way.

Who else ended up with a fun South Park shirt thanks to Foursquare?


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