330 Is Almost Here! Are You Prepared?

San Diego Comic Con

For many of us flying to San Diego for the 2012 Comic-Con the 330 is a very big deal. Even if you are unsure if you are attending next year but are leaning closer to yes than no this is when you will start paying attention to flight information every week or so with a gain in frequency as we get closer and closer to the event until you decide the time is right to make that purchase (even continuing checking prices after that benchmark for a few of you).

For those of you who are unaware, “330” is in reference to the farthest date in time for which you can make a travel reservation, so basically 330 days in advance, and if you are going round trip please be sure to realize that you need to book at the 330 mark of your RETURN flight so you can qualify for the package deal that most airfare sites offer. How they came up with this rule is a story for someone else to tell but you can be sure that I will be watching the prices of airfare for two from PHL to SAN starting some time in the next two weeks and will pounce as soon as possible on anything that is sub-$800 total.

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  • If you plan on using Southwest keep in mind they release their schedules in blocks. I know right now they’re only into January of next year. If you’re going to use them just keep an eye on their Facebook page! They always announce when they plan on open the schedule. 🙂

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