SDCC Omni Hotel Review

San Diego Comic Con

I want to thank another Erin for sending in this review! If you have a hotel review you want to share, good or bad, be sure to send it in!

SDCC – Omni Review

Price – A bit steep, especially for how little I actually slept there. But it is Comic-Con.
Location – Perfect. Can I book here permanently for SDCC?
Booked – Through the SDCC hotel lottery system
Internet – I joined their “select member program” when I booked my Wednesday night stay, not knowing that it would get me free internet. Anyone booking at Omni, DO IT. Otherwise it’s $9.95/day.

A couple of my friends lucked out and both got placed at the Omni through the lottery system, so they gave one of the rooms to me. The location was fantastic. Last year I stayed miles away thanks to an apartment swap which was cheaper (free) but seriously annoying because I couldn’t really get back during the day at all to drop stuff off. The room was cleaned every day (a feat, since my swag quickly took over the place), and the staff helpful when I needed it. It was a bit expensive, but worth it, in my opinion, thanks to the convenience. It was exceptionally quiet given how many parties were held at the pool and how full I’m sure the hotel was. We also may or may not have borrowed some blankets and pillows for our frequent camp-outs in line outside the convention center. I think we spent more time sleeping outside than in the hotel, but it was very nice and comfy when we did get to stay there. I tried booking for next year before I left but they said they were already sold out and put me on a waiting list. Since then I’ve decided to go another route and avoid the hotel lottery system all together (because HATE). I already have a condo rented that will hold at least 8 of us, which will end up being much, much cheaper than a hotel room, and (fingers crossed) less frustrating.


  • I stayed at the Omni too & loved it. It’s cheaper than the Hitlon Bayfront and it’s actually a shorter walk to the convention center. Also, a lot of celebs were staying there, paparazzi out front every day.

  • Stayed at the Marriott gaslamp district. Service and were awesome. Got this thru the lottery and this was my second choice. At first, I booked a hotel five miles away. I checked EVERYDAY for a hotel closer. Got really lucky!

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