Run For Your Lives! Baltimore Zombie 5K!

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I’m not sure what’s hotter right now. The weather here in Baltimore or Zombies. Either way, here’s an awesome way to have some fun and get a good work out. Or if you want to let your inner Zombie out to have some fun, that’s always an option too.

Run For Your Lives is a 5K event taking place in Baltimore in October. The location is actually about an hour north of Baltimore and about 1.5 hours from Philadelphia. If you sign up before August 31st it’s only $67. If you wait, it’ll end up costing you about $10 more. The final cut off for registration is October 1st, with the event being held October 22nd. The best part is a portion of every ticket sold will go to the American Red Cross.

As you can already tell, this isn’t your typical 5K. There will be 12 man-made and natural obstacles that you will need to complete plus mud, water and hey, maybe even some blood! You’ll find yourself climbing, crawling and bobbing and weaving as you not only try to finish the course, but as you try to stay alive as well! Plus you’ll start out the race with a flag belt, think flag football. The Zombies will be trying to steal these flags from you! If you end up with 0 flags, you guessed it. You’re dead. You can read more about how it all works here.

Of course if you’re lazy like me, you can volunteer to be a Zombie. They’ll provide professional make up but be sure to wear your best Zombie outfit. You will get muddy, dirty and bloody! Each volunteer will be expected to work a four hour shift. You can find out more volunteer information here.

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