SDCC 2011: Celebrity Photos Part 2

San Diego Comic Con

We’re going to start with Kathleen, here is what she had to say:

The picture I took with Grant Imahara was the only one where I actually liked how I look haha.
The second one is with Greg Grunberg (I blotted my face out because I didn’t like how I looked in this one lol)
And the last one is with Doug Jones.
Eva shared this awesome story about meeting Jason Marsden:
I follow him on Twitter & Facebook and have been wanting to meet him for quite some time now. I found out he was going to be a panelist at the Cartoon Voices II panel on Sunday at SDCC so I was determined to go. I sat in on the panel right before the Cartoon VO panel so that I would get a good seat. I ended up sitting in an aisle seat that was right smack in front of Jason. This panel already had awesome sauce poured all over it and it hadn’t even begun! He was waving to someone in the beginning of the panel and I wanted to wave back because it looked like he was waving in my direction. I looked around but I didn’t see anyone waving back. It was so cool to see him in action, doing different cartoon voices and making up new ones. It made me see acting in a whole new light.
After the panel was over, a group of people bumrushed the stage to get autographs and I hung back until the crowd dissipated. I stood in front of him while he was signing autographs for a few remaining fans. He looked at me and said, “Hey Ava.” I was in complete shock that he knew my name! What a cool guy. I said hey and asked him if we could take a photo. He came down and people were talking to him. When he was finally alone, he turned to me and said, “We finally meet!” That made my heart flutter. I never thought he would know my name. Shows how down-to-earth he truly is. We took a photo and chatted a little bit. He asked me what other panels I’m going to see but I said none, that I was only there to see him that day. I wanted to talk to him more but we kept getting interrupted by so many people that I just decided to leave. If I could have, I would’ve taken him out for lunch! Haha! He said “See you on Twitter!’ as I left.
Later that day, Jason tweeted and said he enjoyed SDCC and thanked me and another person for my love and support. Oh, and he also confirmed on Twitter that it was me he was waving at. So now, I feel like as asshole for not waving back, but I did smile just in case. I just didn’t think he would possibly be waving at me. Meeting Jason was the BEST part of my first Comic Con experience!!!
Here’s another from our nameless reader who we saw in Part 1:
If anyone can be considered Comic-Con royalty, it’s Jorge Garcia!
@xSteelyPhilX from Twitter shared his encounters:
Ran into Phil Lamarr (Futurama) who was doing signings at the voice actors booth, then littlerally turned around and Brian Posehn was walking by! He really had to go to the bathroom, but was nice enough to stop for a photo!

And lastly, here is a photo that I took of our proud leader, Barb, at the Michael Ausiello Party, with James Roday. Barb looks calm, but she was freaking out inside!


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