Hotel Hell 2012

San Diego Comic Con

Like many of you out there, I’ve already started thinking about a hotel for next year. Since I enjoyed the stay at Hotel Solamar, I sent an email asking when I might be able to book for next year. Sadly, I was told that “At this time all of our inventory for next year is being held by Comic-Con.” It looks like other hotels are in the same spot. Hilton San Diego Bayfront posted this on their Facebook page:

Several of you have asked about booking for Comic Con 2012, so here’s the info we have at this time. Our Comic Con group rate for standard rooms in 2012 is $286/night and you will have the opportunity to book when official housing opens next year. As more information comes through, we will keep you updated here. Also, we will be announcing the winner of our 4 Night Comic Con 2012 Giveaway on August 19th! There’s still time to enter!

It looks like snagging a deal for San Diego Comic Con without using Travel Planners might be a thing of the past. Of course, you do have other options like vacation rentals. If you have a large party, this might save you a few bucks here and there. In most cases vacation rentals have a kitchen to use which can save you money on eating out and some include a parking spot as well. Of course each rental is different and be sure to read all the fine print.

Have any of you lucked out on being able to rebook your hotel?


  • Ridiculous! They are making it so we can no longer plan a real vacation because everything is on the “lottery system”… Unless you end up renting a nearby condo (which I was already looking into), you can’t even book flights until the hotel lottery is over and you have a hotel, if you even get one at all!

  • I went looking for a hotel the day I got back and no luck anywhere. Even The Town & Country, where I stayed this year, was a no go. (And I wouldn’t plan to stay there again, I was just curious.)

  • I was told the same thing by the Marriott hotels in the area. My fingers are crossed the SDCC knows that planning for travel is very important and that they will make the hotel lottery earlier this year. The fact that they already have the rooms set aside, long before the usual 330 window allowed by many hotels, indicates as much.

    Condos are going very quickly so if you want that options I suggest acting now. Be sure to ask about cancellation policies, especially if you are using the condo as a “back up” to the hotel lottery. Make sure you sign papers, don’t just accept verbal promises, even if you have dealt with the person in the past. I learned this the hard way.

  • Hey guys,
    You should call around to hotels on Coronado. I just called the El Cordova and the guy said they have at least 1 deluxe room and at least 1 suite available & he said you can book right now ($249 & $329 per night). I live in Imperial Beach, so I’d bet hotels here are available too. It’s a 25 minute bus ride from Coronado to the convention center or you can take the ferry which is even quicker. Besides, you get a hotel that’s on the beach to relax in after a hard day at the con. Just food for thought from a local!

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