SDCC 2011: Celebrity Photos Part 1

San Diego Comic Con

And the celebrity encounter photos are rolling in! Let’s jump right in!

Caroline says:

I actually found both Kirsten Nelson and Jon Cryer just walking around as normal people at the Con! Kirsten was such a sweet heart and even let me film her saying hello to my sister! Jon too was so kind, he was just exploring the con like the rest of the attendees 🙂 Nicholas Brendan from Criminal Minds was really exciting for me since I adore the show, and I mean, he DOES play Garcia’s boyfriend! Cutest couple ever.

Caroline has written a post about her experience HERE! Please take a look!


Kimberly said:

Wasn’t sure exactly what you’re looking for – but here are pictures of me with Eric Balfour and My brother and I with Misha Collins. Both were so nice! I ran into Eric at the SyFy booth and he signed a Haven poster for me. He had just gotten proposed to by a 60 year old woman so he was laughing about that. My brother and I ran into Misha on our way to the redemption room to pick up our swag. We’re both huge Supernatural fans. He was really nice – introduced us to one of the writers/producers of Supernatural that he was with! It was a great convention – loved every second of it!

Next up is Rahn, who had several encounters, and clearly sports some love for Herd HQ! 🙂

I’m gonna round this post out with this adorable pic from and unnamed reader of her and Scott Grimes. If you have any celebrity encounter pics or stories that you’d like to share, please write us at: See you next time!

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  • Thank you so much for featuring me in this post! I’m extraordinarily jealous of Rahn, meeting Shane West was one of my ultimate goals of SDCC 2011! But is seemed like he as well as Kim had a phenomenal time 🙂 Can’t wait to read part 2 of this post!

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