My Conversation With A Twihard

San Diego Comic Con
"Twilight" Line On Monday
"Twilight" Line On Monday

I admit.  I do like Twilight.  And the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem right?  Anyway I may like the books and/or movies but I’m not about to pull crazy stunts and sleep outside for a chance encounter at meeting a celebrity.  Though ten years ago, that may have been a different answer *cough* *Nsync* *cough*

Anyway, that’s why I found the fact that Twilight fans near and far gathered at Comic-Con days before the convention even opened and camped out for the Hall H line for a chance to get primo seats for the Twilight panel so interesting.  Granted, I think they’re crazy, as do many people but you’ve got give credit where credit was due – these people were dedicated.  Beginning Monday night, the line was already forming.

During the convention however, I didn’t get a chance to actually ask anyone in line what was going on in their head.  It seems after Thursday, they all just disappeared back into the woodwork they crawled out of – which is why I was surprised to meet one at the baggage claim of Midway Airport from my flight home.

I didn’t catch her name, but we began chatting and I asked her if she saw everything she’d wanted to see.  Her face lit up as she told me about how she was one of the crazies who stayed in line for Hall H beginning Monday.  I commended her and said I couldn’t do it.  She told me how she remembers being in line thinking “Why am I doing this?  I’m paying hundreds of dollars for my bag to stay in a hotel while I sleep outside.”  I asked if it was worth it.  “Yes.”

According to her, she got autographs from Taylor Lautner (Jacob), Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Rob Pattinson (Edward) as well as great seats in the hall and breakfast from some of the cast on one of the mornings.  She also told me that she had friends staying across the street at the Hard Rock Hotel where there was a Twilight event.  Supposedly the red carpet stretched down this friends hall and they met Nikki Reid and others this way.

Overall, she seemed pleased with her experience. I can tell she enjoyed herself, it was evident in her face and eyes and her speech sped up the more she gushed about all things Twilight. I guess I would have had the same expressions ten years ago.

We parted ways when our luggage arrived and I didn’t get a chance to ask her if this was her first Comic-Con.  In a weird way, I hope she goes back – just to experience everything else San Diego and the Con have to offer besides sparkling vampires and sleeping under the stars.

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