The 10am Captain America Screening

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I should probably call it the 7:30AM screening since that’s about the time we got in line. I was lucky enough to get a pair of passes before leaving for Comic Con. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the line didn’t disappoint. It looked like any other SDCC line. It was long and wrapped around parts of The Horton Plaza. Seriously, by the time we started moving the line was actually down a level. It was a little crazy.

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I had kept an eye on Twitter during the ride over and it seemed like everyone was saying something different. Some had tweeted that only 150 were making it in. That if you weren’t there yet, don’t bother. We actually went back & forth on going but we stuck with our plan. In the end it turned out that really, no one knew anything. The wait wasn’t too bad. Yes, it was long but it was a nice morning. Plus we scored some pretty sweet swag.

You can see that we scored a nice poster, a pack of buttons, a special shirt and we were allowed to keep our 3D glasses. Told ya, sweet swag. Not everyone received a shirt though and I’ll have more on how I snagged mine later on.

As it got closer to 10AM, a woman walked around and started handing out “tickets” that had your theater on it. I’m not sure how many they ended up using but I was in Theater 11 and I know that was probably the 3rd grouping. Soon after that they started leading groups to the actual theater. We could see various film crews and there were a ton of Captain America posters all over the place. We made it into Theater 11 and took a seat in the back. Then we waited. We knew that Chris Evans was supposed to be at the screening but seeing how they used a good amount of rooms, we weren’t sure if he would be visiting each one. He had a signing with Marvel at 10:30AM and well, it was nearing that.

Then I started to get a feeling something was about to happen. A woman who I had seen earlier who had seemed to be involved with the screening had walked in, almost like she was checking things out. Since we were in the back I could see something was going on at the doors. That’s when the adorable and retro Captain America ladies came marching in and soon after that? Captain America himself, Chris Evans!

Yes, it’s a crappy cell phone picture but we actually followed the rules. On the passes for the screening it had mentioned no cameras but that didn’t seem to be an issue since we saw people with cameras, big & small. It was probably the only regret but it doesn’t really matter. I snagged a picture, saw Chris Evans and screened an awesome movie. What more could you ask for? Oh that’s right. A shirt!

As the movie ended and people started to leave, Melinda asked if I wanted a shirt. Uh..hell yes! I thought maybe someone was giving them out again. Nope. It turns out that someone had left their shirt behind. As you can see in the picture above the shirt is blue. Well, it actually blended in with the flooring of the theater. Someone must’ve put it down for the movie and then simply forgot about it! It happened to be the perfect size too!

That ended a pretty awesome morning. It wasn’t even the afternoon yet and we saw a celebrity, scored some sweet swag and screened an amazing movie!

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  • Id the uso girls dance in your theatre? I saw some dance number on youtube. Did evans go into each room and introduce the movie?

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