Top 5 Helpful iPhone Apps for Comic-Con

San Diego Comic Con

This is just my opinion, if you have an app that you feel we should know about please be sure to drop a comment.

5) Photosynth – FREE
An amazing app from Microsoft, Photosynth grants us the ability to create pretty boss panoramic images that you can use to capture your favorite booths or maybe even to show all of your buddies at home just how long a line is. This app is simple to use, just point and press start then move up, down, left, right, wherever you feel like as long as the box is green and the software will automatically stitch the images together in a seamless manner. The best part is that you can upload them onto the Photosynth site for a pretty cool interface letting you scorll around to see all of the cool angles.

4) Urbanspoon – FREE
This is an oldie but a goodie. This app will give you a random restaurant based on neighborhood, what kind of food you want, and how much you are willing to spend. You can also lock down any of the three choices for a more focused selection. For example lets say you want to eat chinese in Gaslamp for a cheap price, this app will find something for you if it is available. Also many of the locations in the program have menus as well as reviews for you to make an informed choice.

3) Official Comic-Con App – FREE
The kind folks over at CCI really are on the pulse of fulfiling what the fans need and they are unafriad to bring it to you directly. This app houses all of the information that can be found over on their site in a scaled down for your pocket format. Need to see the day’s schedule or find where the bus will pick you up? This is it for you.

2) FourSquare – FREE
A growing staple in city exploration, this app will help you find new locations thanls to the GPS enabled map. I used this last year and found a Dexter themed kill room located secretly outside of the convention in the Gaslamp District. Seriosuly, give this program a whirl to find hidden viral marketing gems in the city.

1) Twitter – FREE
Do i really need to exaplin this one? Keep in touch and up to date with people or turn on the SMS function on the few key people you NEED to stay current with (text messaging rates apply) or even do a search for #SDCC to see if something new that you were unaware of turns up.

Honorable Mentions:
Hipstamatic for some cool photo effects.
Photobucket for image uploading on the go.
RSS Runner for keeping up with all of the breaking news on your favorite sites.
SDCC Survival for quick shots of whats going on around town, where to eat, and also tips/advice on the go.

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