Comic Con 2011 Trolley Guide

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You can now find Comic Con Trolley information at SDMTS. You’ll find information on parking, hours, prices & more. There’s even a nice PDF of all the Trolley lines that you can print out and take with you.

If you’re looking for parking, they share this:

There is free parking at Qualcomm Stadium (EXCEPT Wednesday night due to a special event at the stadium). The Special Event Red Line will take you directly from Qualcomm Stadium to the Convention Center. For all other stations, see the legend in the map to determine if free or paid parking is available. Here is a list of stations with location and parking information.

Another important piece of information is the Washington Street Station is currently closed. You’ll have to use an alternate station.

Here’s the 411 on pricing:

A one-way Trolley fare is $2.50, but if you are returning on the Trolley, remember to purchase your $5 Day Pass before boarding. This will help you avoid lines at the Ticket Booth and Ticket Vending Machines on your return trip. A day pass allows unlimited travel on MTS all day. Ticket Vending Machines accept cash and credit/debit cards.

For those attending more than one day, MTS Day Passes are available in denominations from 1 to 4 days. A multi-day pass is your most economical way to travel to Comic-Con! Day passes can be purchased at station Ticket Vending Machines or at select Trolley stations with ticket booth sales.

Day Pass Rates

1-Day = $5

2-Days = $9

3-Days = $12

4-Days = $15

If you plan on using the Trolley be sure to check out SDMTS before you go! They have links to schedules for each day on the website plus other important information I couldn’t put here.

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