SDCC Shout Out – The Mixster: San Diego’s Club Guide

San Diego Comic Con

I know there is a lot of information flying pretty fast and furious these days on panels and what not but I would like to take this opportunity to thank the crew over at The Mixster for such an easy to use guide to what is what that the SD club scene in the downtown and surrounding areas has to offer.

Not only do they know what they are talking about, they also have a guide to some of the parties that are going down in time for the Con weekend. Since they rank many clubs and bars based on several types of criteria I highly suggest you use this site as your guide if you wish to get a local’s top spots on where to experience the night life that San Diego has to offer.

Plus whoever runs their Twitter Feed (@TheMixsterSD) is always very quick to answer questions while also being helpful and friendly. They are a must add!


  • HEADS UP for those with kids or are trying this link from a workplace….The only thing I saw before I quickly left the sight was several naked women and some guy in a Darth Vader helmet…..maybe a little warning next time, Mario?

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