Are You Ready For The 2012 San Diego Comic-Con?

San Diego Comic Con

Hot off the presses! Is anyone else ready for the show next year? Then pay attention to this article from The Beat that features prices, dates, and where the on-site pre-registration will be held next week.

CCI: SD is changing how they are selling their badges for next year’s show: instead of selling passes to the 2012 edition inside the convention center, sales are being moved to the Manchester Grand Hyatt, where pre-registration will be available Thursday through Sunday from 8 am to 11 am.

Pre-reg is only open to those holding 2011 badges. Next year’s con will be held July 12-15, 2012.*

“We’ve had a lot of discussion of selling badges, and to accommodate the demand we’ve moved it to the Douglas Pavillion at the Hyatt,” CCI Director of Marketing & PR David Glanzer told The Beat.

He confirmed that as they did last year, only a percentage of badges will go on sale at the show — some will be held back for later online sales. In addition, they may hold back some Preview Night badges — but it hasn’t been decided yet, he continued.

Preview night passes are traditionally only available to members who purchase a four-day pass; last year they sold out at the show.

Pricing is changing as well, he confirmed. “A four day pass used to be a discount from single day passes as an incentive to buy in advance. Obviously that doesn’t apply any more,” said Glanzer.

The new price structure is as follows:

4-day with Preview Night — $175
4 day without Preview Night — $150
4 day Junior ((ages 12–17) and Senior (60 and older) and military badges with previews night — $87
Ditto without Preview Night — $75
1-day pass — $40
1 day pass for juniors, seniors and military — $20
Sunday only — $23
Sunday only juniors, seniors and military — $11

Still cheap!

* Please note this is a full WEEK earlier than usual! This means two things — the stress on shows earlier on the calendar like HeroesCon will be greater, and MAYBE just MAYBE we’ll be able to enjoy a little bit of summer after the show instead of barreling straight to Labor Day after a nap.

Here is my two cents on this info. Everyone who knows whats what knows that if you really intend to show up next year you should start trip planning some time around now. It’s insane but that’s how it works all of a sudden due to the hype.

Also, the new price for a pass with preview night costs exactly 75% more than it did when I first made the trip in the SPRING of ’09. While I understand the reason for the price hike I still see a bitchfest hitting the forums as the show sells out anyway. This is an expensive show that we see and the price does justify the quality of the goods. Trust me, I have been to other conventions that have expensive single day passes but only one fifth of the quality the CCI crew brings. I will gladly throw down this money for my girlfriend’s pass

The moving of the pre-registration is a welcome change. There was WAY too much congestion for this last year and I am sure it created a hazard if not an eyesore to see yet another long line. If you plan on getting tix for next year please pay attention to this change. Also, I have it on good authority that they are imposing a purchasing limit so if you plan on being the guy that takes bribes from strangers to buy twenty passes at a time you’ll be SOL.

Lastly, the dates are perfect. For me. My birthday is July 12th and I usually wait until i get into San Diego to really celebrate so mazel to that. If you are crafty you could even try and stretch the July 4th holiday into a week and a half long vacation in San Diego.

Happy hunting and I’ll see you there in 52 short weeks.


  • Aw, see the current schedule works for me, because my birthday’s the 22nd. The only real bummer is that they’re only selling badges from 8 to 11 am. I plan on being in morning panels everyday. 🙁

    • bummer. the current scheudle was also good for me, my bday is the 24th. but I still want to go next year!

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