Scoring Autographs At SDCC

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I’ve had a few people ask about how to score autographs at Comic Con. It can be tricky. It can be planned. It can be random.

The main areas for autographs are the Sails Pavilion and the Exhibit Hall floor. You’ll be able to find information for the Sails Pavilion on the Comic Con website but the floor? You’ll have to check various locations.

Your best bet is try and follow the networks or even the stars on Twitter. Some networks even have accounts set up just for Comic Con. You’ll find them tweeting news about panels, signings and more. Plus keep an eye on what other attendees are tweeting by checking the #SDCC hashtag. If you can, you might even want to make an account just for San Diego Comic Con. That way SDCC news isn’t pushed down due to your regular Tweeps.

Press Releases:
Sometimes a Press Release won’t just have panel info but it’ll have signing information as well. This means make sure you read the entire release or article! If you just skim it you might miss how Star A of Show B will be at the booth from 1pm-2pm.

Visit the booths! Some will have a schedule posted of the events for the day, including signings. In most cases if a network has a booth, like The WB or CBS, this is where their signings will happen. Remember, just because a show airs on a certain network, say CBS, that doesn’t mean it’s produced by that network! Example, The Big Bang theory would most likely sign at The WB booth and NOT CBS. Why? Because it’s produced by The WB and only airs on CBS.

Ask Fellow Con Goers:
If you see a line, ask someone what it’s for! We stumbled upon LL Cool J last year and the line was out in the main area of the convention center, not on the floor because of safety issues. If you see a random line, feel free to ask someone what it’s for. You never know, it could be for a favorite star of yours!

Yes. It might suck to pay for an autograph but many times it’s the only way to guarantee one. Lightspeed Fine Art is one booth where you can pay to receive an autograph. In most cases it’s between $25-$40, all depending on the star. Last year I paid for two and don’t regret it at all. Since there isn’t a rush to get people through the line, you actually have a chance to have a conversation with the celebrity too which is nice. Sometimes at the network booths you don’t really have the time because they need to get everyone through, especially if it’s a signing with multiple stars.

Out & About:

There’s always a chance you might see a celebrity at a random bar, hotels or just walking down the street. Just keep in mind that they are people too! If you see someone eating, don’t bother them. I mean, that pisses me off and I’m just a normal non-celeb! Just use commonsense. Think about the situation. Would you want someone to bother or interrupt you? Of course if you see other fans gathered or it seems like the celeb doesn’t mind, go for it!

Of course you could do all these things and miss out. It really does come down to luck sometimes. In most cases a limit is imposed on how many people are allowed per session. If a session is only an hour, they can’t let the line get out of control and they can’t have the talent missing a panel or other event. If I remember right, last year the CBS booth had a 250 limit for LL Cool J. I could be wrong and it might change. Keep in mind that if a signing is for someone very popular, you’ll want to get there early. Also, some booths will do ticket drawings to see who gets in. I think The WB talked about doing that this year. I’m not sure who else does a ticket system so you’ll want to do some research.

I hope this helps some of you! If you have any tips or tricks please feel free to share them in the comments!

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