Garth Ennis-Directed Horror Short “Stitched” To Premiere At Comic-Con

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I might have to check this out. I recently read the entire run of Ennis’ Preacher and I must say he has a twisted style about him.

Stitched, a short film written and directed by Preacher co-creator Garth Ennis, will have its premiere at Comic-Con International in San Diego on Thursday, July 22.

Marking Ennis’ directorial debut, the 17-minute horror film follows three survivors of an American helicopter crash (Tank Jones, Lauren Alonzo and Kate Kugler) as they cross the Taliban-controlled mountains of Afghanistan. As they struggle to survive the harsh conditions while avoiding the hostile attentions of the locals, they discover something far worse than enemy fighters — “an ancient supernatural power, murderous and unstoppable!”

“I’ve been thinking about (directing films) for a number of years now,”Ennis said in a statement. “Ever since the interest in a Preacher film became more solid, and the options on it and The Boys were picked up. I’ve written screenplays and treatments for things like Crossed, but I haven’t really devoted myself to a film project before, not the way I have with Stitched. I’ve always loved movies; my comics are much more heavily influenced by film and TV than they are by other comics. So having a go at this seems quite natural.”

The script for the short, intended as the opening conflict of a full-length feature, will also serve as the basis for an Avatar Press comic series written by Ennis and illustrated by Mike Wolfer.

Produced by Brian Pulido, Francisca Pulido and Ed Polgardy through Pulido’s Mischief Maker Studios, Stiched is executive produced by Ennis and Avatar Press founder William Christiansen. The film will be screened Thursday, July 22, at 8:15 p.m. in Room 6DE of the San Diego Convention Center.

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