Will Breaking Bad Be At Comic-Con? The Producer Hopes So.


Vince Gilligan, Executive Producer of the amazing AMC hit show Breaking Bad, recently had an interview with ScreenJunkie’s.com’s Fred Topel to talk about the highly anticipated fourth season debuting on Sunday, July 17th.

While there are many interesting points about the show, this little bit of information caught my attention:

Q: You premiere on the 17th of July. Will you come to Comic Con?

VG: I’m hoping we have some sort of presence at Comic Con. It’s a wonderful thing and I would love for there to be some sort of Breaking Bad presence. As of yet I’m not sure that we necessarily will be. The issue may be that the subject matter, a guy who sells crystal meth, may be a little trickier or troublesome for the folks who run Comic Con because there’s a lot of kids who show up at Comic Con. I think the folks at Comic Con are good folks and I think we’ve got a lot of fans there, but unfortunately I think the meth angle was a little tricky when you try to appeal to families and younger kids, and I understand that completely.

While I would LOVE to get some of the Br Ba swag (blue crystal rock key-chains, anyone?) I agree with Gilligan that the show’s content might be a bit harder for the general public to swallow than a zombie apocalypse or murderous aliens due to the very realistic nature of the show’s focus on the drug epidemic. And with the Mexican border only a short trip from the San Diego city limits, the show’s depiction of cartels might touch to close to home for comfort.

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