Comic Con 4 Day Passes To Go On Sale Soon

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Comic Con International has announced via twitter that they will be releasing an extra 1500 four day badges for sale soon-ish. There was not an announced date for when these will open up but there will be a one hour warning according to their official announcement. While fifteen hundred is a lot of tickets expect these to go by very fast since there is currently an estimated 100,000 people desperately trying to get into this event by any means.

Other details released are that the four day adult badge without Preview Night will be sold at the non-discounted rate of $137 that includes a $6 reprocessing fee. Also, Junior, Senior, and Military 4-day badges without Preview Night will be sold at the non-discounted rate of $68 each also with the $6 reprocessing fee, and there is a purchase limit of up to TWO 4-day badges only.

SIngle day badges will be released at another time so stay tuned!


  • I hope that $137 number isn’t an indicator that the price of a 4-day will be going up for 2012’s Con. Although I suppose $131 (if you drop the processing fee) isn’t terrible. It’s just a big jump from $105. But they’ve done big price jumps before, too. When it first hit $100 a few years ago it was a pretty big change from the year before.

  • I’ve been trying to get Comicon tickets for YEARS and am ALWAYS unable to get through before they’re sold out. I am very unhappy that previous attendees get ALL the perks and adavantages to have the next year’s tickets while no one else gets any chance at all. I attend DragonCon which is very nearly as big and never have this problem How do I score tickets for SDCC 2013? I’d like a chance to go at least ONCE in my lifetime. Please?

    • It’s not easy for anyone, it really is all about luck and chance. I know that sounds bad, but it’s the truth. You can expect tickets to go on sale later this year, most likely after August.

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