Philadelphia Comic Con


Saturday I attended The Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con and had a great time! I headed up to Philly with a friend and her husband who are big “Star Wars” fans and pretty geeky all around. I knew they’d enjoy a Con and invited them along earlier in the week. We left around 7am and arrived in Philly around 9am. I was surprised to see a lack of line to get in but once we made it into the convention center there was a smaller line of people waiting to make it onto the main floor area. It looked like a pretty typical Con crowd. You had a few families, groups of guys, a few couples and of course a few in costumes. You saw everything from “Star Wars” shirts to “Buffy.” You could tell there were fans from every genre there which was nice to see!

Because I was Press I was able to get onto the main floor before it opened. I think it helped in planning because I knew where everything was before everyone else. When you first walked onto the floor you had the celebrity tables. They had all of the celebrities in the same area. Then you had vendors and the like and on the far right side of the room you had Artist Alley. I think it was pretty well organized but I would’ve moved the celebrity area. It caused a bit of a traffic jam later in the day. In some cases as soon you entered the floor area you hit a line for a celebrity. The line for Julie Benz had to be split into two parts because it was that long! I think Artist Alley was very organized and spaced out. There was plenty of room to look around and for people to make it down the aisle. You didn’t feel rushed along and or that you couldn’t take your time to browse and look through all the wonderful pieces of artwork that was on display.

As far as my plans for the day, I only had a few missions. I wanted to get Julie Benz to sign a wonderful “Dexter” poster that Ty Mattson had created for Showtime and I wanted to try and catch the Julie Benz panel and the Bruce Campbell panel. I missed Julie last year at San Diego Comic Con and knowing that “Burn Notice” won’t be attending SDCC this year, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see Bruce. I was able to make it into both panels. I did find it funny though how people were complaining about the “lines.” Once you’ve been to San Diego Comic Con, the word “line” has a whole new meaning. I didn’t think the wait for any of the panels was that bad actually. I did wait for the Julie panel as I didn’t know at the time I could skip the line because of my pass but I did take advantage of it for Bruce. As far as the panels go, they were organized. The room was a good size and they had a mic set up for people to ask questions. Each panel was about an hour long and seemed to move pretty fast. It wasn’t really too different from SDCC except for the whole waiting thing. The Bruce panel was very entertaining since he told everyone to forget about the mic and to just raise their hands at their seat. He was serious too. He told everyone to sit back down and that if they stayed at the mic they wouldn’t get to ask their question. Julie was very sweet and is more beautiful in person! She followed the rules and had people use the mic. I’ll talk more about the panels in a separate post.

If I had to pick one thing that I loved it was probably the fact I was able to see everything, especially Artist Alley. Sadly during San Diego Comic Con last year I never made it there. There’s just too much to see and do that you can’t see everything, even if you attend every day. I loved that I had the chance to look at some of the work that the artists create and see some of them sketch live. I appreciate talents like that because I know I can’t do it. In fact, not many people can. What I loved about Artist Alley was all the different styles of work. You had traditional and then you had some who liked to mix it up. If you wanted a classic Wonder Woman, you could find her. If you wanted something more modern or more “pop art” you could find that as well. It really was amazing! If you’ve been on the fence about attending a smaller convention do it for Artist Alley alone.

Of course another highlight was finally getting to meet Mario! He actually called me “his boss” which made me laugh. I honestly don’t think of myself like that at all, especially when Erin & Mario bring so much to the table. I was worried we’d miss each other but we finally met up during the costume contest at the end of the day! That was another amazing event to see. The amount of time and money people put into their costumes is very noticeable. There was everything from X-Men to Terrance & Phillip from South Park. Expect a separate post for this as well!

Well, that’s it for the over all review. Hopefully I’ll get around to writing up a few more posts but I wanted to get something done while SDCC news was slow. If you want to see all the pictures I took you can view them here.

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