20th Century Fox TV SDCC Panel Info!

San Diego Comic Con

This information comes from Deadline and is filled with San Diego Comic Con goodness! If you’re a fan of a show on Fox, pay attention!

Here’s what Thursday looks like:

Napoleon Dynamite: Original cast members from the hit indie film, Jon Heder, Tina Majorino, Efren Ramirez, Jon Gries, Sandy Martin, Diedrich Bader and Executive Producer Mike Scully (The Simpsons) present a new series following your favorite awkward teenager like you’ve never seen him before – animated! Join us for a sneak peek at never-before-seen footage of the newest member of FOX’s Animation Domination lineup and a “sweet” Q&A session.

Awake: Since the trailer was unveiled at NBC’s upfront presentation in New York, this spellbinding sci-fi drama about the power of the mind from the brilliant creators Howard Gordon (24)and Kyle Killen (The Beaver) has been one of the most eagerly anticipated series of the 2011-12 season. While most viewers will have to wait months to sample this series about a detective Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter) desperately straddling two realities as he copes with immeasurable grief, Comic-con fans will get an exclusive first look at the entire first episode of the series, and an audience with Gordon, Killen and star Isaacs.

If you’re a fan of “Bones” all you care about is Friday. Why? That’s when the series will have its panel!

Bones: Creator/Executive Producer Hart Hanson, Executive Producer Stephen Nathan and Stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel will be on hand to discuss the shocking finale of Bones season 6 as well as what’s in store for Booth and Brennan in an exciting season 7! Hart Hanson will also introduce the audience to the stars of The Finder, his new Fox series premiering in January, followed by fan Q&A.

I was on the fence but I might have to check it out just for “The Finder.” I do wish they would include some of the other co-stars though. I think it would make the panel more interesting and fun to have some of the Squinterns present.

Another show on Friday is “Bob’s Burgers:”

Bob’s Burgers: Creator/Executive Producer Loren Bouchard and Executive Producer Jim Dauterive and Bob’s Burgers cast H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal, will be on hand to entertain animation fans with hilarious never-before-seen clips from season two followed by a fan Q&A.

Saturday will be very interesting as Fox plans to screen the first episode of “Terra Nova.” I might have to attend because I love dinosaurs! I mean, who doesn’t?

Terra Nova: Star Stephen Lang (Avatar), executive producer Rene Echevarria (Castle, Medium, The 4400, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), executive producer Brannon Braga (24, Star Trek: Enterprise) and co-executive producer Jose Molina will finally unveil this epic adventure series 85 million years in the making, set to premiere this September on Fox. This new event drama from the brilliant minds of Steven Spielberg (Jurassic Park, The Pacific) and Peter Chernin follows an ordinary family on an extraordinary journey back in time to prehistoric Earth as a part of a massive expedition to save the human race.

I’m going to just post the panel information now. If you want to see all the information be sure to check out Deadline!

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