Polly Pocket As She-Ra!


As soon as I saw this exclusive a few months ago I knew I had to have it. I love She-Ra. A few Halloweens ago I dressed up as her and a friend went as Frosta. That’s how we roll. Matty Collector has released this video discussing the adorable set.

Here’s some more information as well:

MOTUC Polly Pocket™ Collection ($20)
Polly™ and her friends are dressed as their Masters of the Universe® alter-egos to battle out good vs. evil! Polly™, dressed as She-Ra™, and Kerstie®, dressed as Frosta™, are ready to take on Crissy® as the evil Catra™.

Polly™ as She-Ra™: When it comes to dressing up for adventure, Polly loves to be the original Princess of Power™. Armed with her Sword of Protection and an Etherian Shield, Polly is ready to tackle The Evil Horde™ and whatever action awaits!

Kerstie® as Frosta™: Kerstie may not have a cold heart, but when she dresses up as the Ice Empress of Etheria, she can freeze foes in her path. Armed with a magic wand that turns anything to ice, Kerstie is ready for her next adventure to save the day!

Crissy® as Catra™: Crissy has cat scratch fever as the mischievous and notorious Catra. When in her Horde disguise, Crissy is purrfectly poised to make trouble for Polly and friends!

Like the rest of the SDCC figures, this collection will be available at SDCC first, then here on MattyCollector.com on August 1st. I’ll have more videos next week, so check back then!

I mean, for $20 this is awesome! I can’t wait to pre-order mine! I might just explode.

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