No “Burn Notice” Or “White Collar” At SDCC

San Diego Comic Con

If you were paying attention yesterday, the USA Network announced that two shows would be attending. It seems that “Psych” and “Covert Affairs” will be the only shows to represent the network. Yes, that means no “Burn Notice” with fan favorite Bruce Campbell or the current hit “White Collar.”

@ebrown2112 on Twitter was nice enough to share a coversation he had with @TedOnTV, who’s the VP of Program Research for the network:

@ebrown2112: @TedOnTV So there will be no White Collar or Burn Notice panels, or they just haven’t been confirmed yet?

@TedOnTV @ebrown2112 what we have announced is the full list we are bringing

Now, I know most if not all of the USA show’s don’t really belong at San Diego Comic Con but they have been fan favorites for the past few years plus Bruce is the King of Cons. I don’t understand why they would bump two solid shows for a newcomer (“Covert Affairs). I know that “Burn Notice” is normally filming during San Diego Comic Con which is why Bruce is normally the only actor in attendance. Of course, I’m not really a fan of “Covert Affairs” which is probably playing a role in my annoyance level at the moment.

I guess the one good thing is that this might free up time for some people, myself included. I’m a little bummed for the people who put together the “White Collar Fan Meetup” though. I’m a fan of the show but not too disappointed since I saw the panel last year and it was decent. They had the entire cast which was nice to see.

I actually had a bad feeling about this yesterday when “Psych” and “Covert Affairs” announced their plans. It would’ve made sense for all the USA Network shows who were planning on being at San Diego Comic Con to make announcements. Then when I saw Seat42F mention on Twitter later last night that a number of shows wouldn’t be returning, I was really nervous.

Ah, oh well. You can’t really dwell on it or be too disappointed. San Diego Comic Con is filled to the brim, both inside and outside, with awesome things to do and see.

If I hear anything in terms of an explanation or official release I’ll be sure to pass it along.


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