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Natasha was nice enough to let us know via Twitter that she had some very important information about buying Hasbro exclusives at San Diego Comic Con. If you plan on purchasing any Hasbro items, you’ll want to make sure to pay attention to this email:

Thank you for asking the question about how to shop at at Comic Con! Yes, there is a system and not one you want to find out after you arrive! So, here it is…

During preview night, which is Wednesday, you need only come directly to our booth (#3329). We have a queuing system that goes around the booth and the wait can be up to 2.5 hours. At times, if the line exceeds the end of our booth, we do need to cap the line and you will be asked to come back later. This is for safety purposes, and we must follow the guidelines set forth by the fire marshals.

On Thursday-Saturday, you will need to go upstairs in the Sails Pavilion before approaching our booth (although when the doors first open, we do let that first wave of people start the line – but they usually line up outside the convention center in the middle of the night sometime) . We have a desk upstairs at the Sails Pavilion where we hand out tickets beginning at 9 am. The tickets will tell you what time you can enter the line (again, only if it does not exceed the booth capacity). For example, the ticket will say Thursday after 12 noon. That means you can get in line Thursday at 12 noon, or any time thereafter…even the following day or as late as Sunday. One word of caution, though. Items do sell out during the course of one day, can come back into stock the next day or be sold out for the show…This is because we have limited storage space on the floor of the convention. Sometimes we can get into the warehouse and get more off our trailers, other days not, which is why you would need to get in line again the following day if the item you want is not available for the day.

I hope this helps you with your planning as you get ready for your first ComicCon.

Doreen Mars

Director, Operations

You can read about the Hasbro exclusives here and here! Do you plan on picking any up? Are you worried about the system they used? If you’ve bought from them at past Con’s, how did it work out?


  • I’ve always done preview night and have never had a problem picking up the items I want. The thing I wish Hasbro and all the rest of the people selling exclusives would do is not sell to dealers. Only sell to those people with regular badges and not dealer badges. There have been a few lines I’ve been to where I’m the first one thru the doors to the convention center only to have the dealers already in line buying most of the items or a line already closed off because the dealers are there. And of course, be ready for those dealer markups. Sure they have to make a buck but come on guys, let some of the fans pick up the items too. This is why I like the way Mattel does things. Buy ahead of time, show up, and pick up your items. Less hassle and less dealers to deal with.

  • We have seen dealers hauling out CARTS stacked with BOXES FULL of items…and I absolutely agree that it’s not fair. Some companies have a cap for the maximum number of each item you can purchase, which I think does help…unless you bring an entourage of people who are all buying the max. I agree that the honest fan who just just wants to pick up a few favorites sometimes get the short end of the stick against the dealers…maybe a separate line with a cap would be better – or the way Mattel does it.

    By the way….isn’t it taking longer than usual for the SDCC site to be updated? I swear that by this time last year I was printing out all of the info and planning our agenda’s…..has anyone else noticed – or is it just my excitement making it seem that way?

  • The thing about the dealers hetting in line before the attendees is that they get in the exhibit floor early with their exhibit badges and then once they’re in they switch out to their attendee badges which they purchase so they can get the jump on the attendees waiting outside for Preview Night. This has been happening for years and everyone that’s a regular to SDCC knows this. Also Hasbro let’s you purchase up to double the quantity that they allow you to buy on Preview Night. This is only for Preview Night and doesn’t apply to other days. So if it says max limit of 4 per attendee then you can purchase 8. This doesn’t apply to items that are limit 1 per attendee though.

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