Stormbreaker to be AFX Exclusive Marvel Minimates Set at SDCC


Yesterday we were asked to remove the Minimates post as the information wasn’t complete and in some cases was incorrect. We’re happy to announce that we can release information on the “Thor: Stormbreaker” set!

As promised, here is the second Minimate box scheduled to debut at San Diego Comic-Con! From the pages of Thor comes… “Stormbreaker”! This set commemorates the storyline in which alien Beta Ray Bill crossed paths with the God of Thunder, hefted the enchanted hammer Mjolnir and was granted the power of Thor himself. With everyone in the Marvel Universe picking up hammers nowadays, we thought it would be appropriate. Available only at the Action Figure Xpress booth, #3345.

See, it was worth the wait! We know now where you can pick it up!

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