WB Video: Iconic Merchandise

San Diego Comic Con

If there’s one thing we all love about Comic Con it’s goodies. It doesn’t matter if it’s free or an exclusive, we all love stuff. In this video from The WB you’ll see some of the exclusive goodies they plan on featuring at San Diego Comic Con including items for “The Green Lantern” and “Mortal Kombat.” (The video takes a little time to load)

Did you see anything you want to pick up? I know I’m all about Gizmo!


  • I am curious about that Batman Two-Up auction. I wont bid but I predict it could hit $2500 since people are ALWAYS asking and offering to buy them. I have it on good authority from the Four Horsemen sculptors that they just throw them away after they get beat up from show to show so this will be a highly sought after item.

  • For Ruth…GL figures, a Barbie Carol Ferris, The Batman two-up, Arkham City figures, Mortal Kombat stuff, Thunder Cats, Friday the 13th, Freddie Kruger, Harry Potter, Gremlins, and The Hobbit…..

  • Nooooo! It’s not playing in Canada, either. Blegh.
    Batman FAN-girl – Mind if I ask what they’re bringing out for Thundercats? Figures, or statues?

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