WB Video: Iconic Merchandise

If there’s one thing we all love about Comic Con it’s goodies. It doesn’t matter if it’s free or an exclusive, we all love stuff. In this video from The […]

Stan Lee To Be Guest Of Honor @ Baltimore CC

I’m pretty excited about this news since I’m from Baltimore (and still live here). Baltimore Comic Con announced the other day that Stan Lee is going to be the Guest […]

New Ghost Rider Movie To Attend Comic Con

After dealing with the frustration of buying passes and booking hotel rooms, the fun part of San Diego Comic Con is upon us! This is the 2nd piece of panel […]

SyFy Teaming Up With HerUniverse!

This is great news for us ladies. It seems that it’s always hard for us to find cute and stylish clothing from some of our favorite shows. Hopefully this will […]