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Lucas has written for Newsarama since 2004, when he started as a freelancer assisting in comic convention coverage. He then joined the Best Shots review team, recognized by Marvel, DC, and other major comic publishers as a definitive critical voice in the industry. With the relaunch of Newsarama into a wider genre-entertainment site in June 2008, he grew the new Games section from the ground up, and stepped into the Site Editor role following the departure of the prior longtime editor.

You can find him on twitter as well as Newsarama.com

When Nerds Attack: Lucas, since this will be your first year covering Comic-Con International on location what are your expectations headed into the show?

Lucas Siegel: You know, my biggest expectation is that I’m going to be BUSY. In previous years, I’ve done the behind-the-scenes coverage, posting the actual stories, editing artwork and such, and that’s kept me busy enough. But this show itself is supposed to be a whole different level from other cons, and I’m excited. I’m going to be doing a bunch of video interviews as well as panel coverage, so it should be fun!

WNA: As editor of one of the larger comics genre news sites how will you approach covering as much of the show as you can?

LS: Well the biggest thing is having lots of people there. We typically have about 10-15 people on the ground at CCI: SD, so that’s the approach. Divide and conquer!

WNA: Traditionally there are many film and television projects currently at different stages of production that are showcased at the con. Would you care to speculate on a few that you expect or hope to hear an announcement on?

Lucas Siegel
LS: Hmm, it’s a safe bet we’ll see some early footage of Amazing Spider-Man, and Avengers HAS already started filming. I don’t think we’re gonna get much if anything on Dark Knight Rises, unfortunately; Nolan really likes footage to be A+ before showing it off.

WNA: During my two years at the show Marvel has themed their booth around one of their films. Do you feel they will go for it again or will we see something new? Do you think DC might take a queue from the competition and also step up their booth game?

LS: I think Marvel will probably have a LOT of Avengers stuff at their booth this year, yes. It’ll be the release of Captain America, and it’ll be time to really get people excited for the big new franchise.

As for DC, I think this summer’s announcement will be much more directly comic book related. There will be a LOT to talk about this summer if rumors are true.

WNA: As much as people talk about movies creeping into Comic-Con at an extrordinary pace I feel videogames are now a larger part of the show than comics themselves might be. What are your opinions of these three mediums competing against each other?

LS: You know, I don’t think they need to “compete” so-to-speak. Right now, there are only two fan-centric game conventions, PAX Prime in Seattle and PAX East in Boston. So giving gamers something in between those two where they can check out some of the stuff announced a month and change before at E3 is not a bad thing. Likewise with films, this is really the only convention that actively showcases them in this way. I know some people wish CCI: SD would “go back to being a comic-con” but that’s pretty unrealistic. Also, that’s what the other 30 comic-cons a year are for. This is now a multimedia convention, and that’s never going to go back at this point.

WNA: Is there anyone you hope to meet while at the show?

LS: You know, that’s one of those take-it-as-it-comes things. I’ve been very lucky to meet a lot of amazingly talented people in all four industries I cover, Comics, Games, Movies, and TV. I still haven’t ever had a sit-down one-on-one with Stan Lee. Maybe I can pull that off at this show.

WNA: One of your competitors has a yacht that they host interviews on while another hosts a massive VIP filled party that is invite only. Will you guys be doing something similar to promote your brand? Might I suggest shot for shot interviews at the pub?

LS: That is a fantastic suggestion! Maybe I can pull that off with a single camera. hmm… While we won’t have anything quite that flashy in San Diego (we don’t need a floating vessel to get people to talk to us 😉 ), stay tuned. I won’t say when exactly or where exactly, but just remember that both ‘Rama editors are New York area based…

WNA: I know one company you are always hyping (as am I) is BioWare. Last year they had a massive blow-up sword fight across the street from the convention center to promote Dragon Age 2. Would you expect something this year involving Mass Effect 3? If you can, could you suggest to them that I would like to see an inflatable Reaper or a party at an Afterlife Club themed bar?

LS: I will definitely pass those suggestions along when I see those folks in a couple of weeks at E3! With the success of their Dragon Age 2 promotion last year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see something Mass Effect 3 centric this go-around. I’ll definitely ask and get back to you with whatever they share.

WNA: Any sights you wish to take in around the area?

LS: You know, I’m likely going to be so swamped that the only sights I’ll see are the convention floor, a couple of bars, and my hotel. We’ll see though!

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