Exclusive Speculation: Hot Toys 1:6 Iron Man Mark IV?


UPDATED 6/6/11: Click here for the official photos

According to a post on the Hot Toys Community Facebook page the rumor mill is stating that HT is planning to release a version of the Iron Man Mark IV figure as an exclusive at Comic-Con.

Now those of you who follow Hot Toys knows that the last Iron Man SDCC exclusive, the Gunmetal Gray version of the Mark III armor from 2009, is now one of the hardest figures for fans to find for anything less than several hundred dollars. The possible top candidates for what style this figure will be seen in are a stealth paint scheme that was shown on a Mark III many years ago but never released (see photo below), or the Iron Patriot from Marvel’s “Dark Avengers” title. While I myself will take whatever I can get, I do not see Iron Patriot coming out but you never know.

This should be released via Sideshow Collectibles for both attendee and non-attendee purchasing. I know that Sideshow has already announced it’s exclusives line-up but last year they had added last minute items so I would not be surprised if we see the same this year. Expect the attendee and non-attendee sales of this to sell out very quickly based on what has become of the last Iron Man exclusive.

If you are not familiar with this Hot Toys or their Movie Masters line then let me apologize to your wallet in advance. These 1:6 ratio figures have been my obsession over the past few months. With the hyper-realistic head sculpts, movie accurate wardrobe & accessories, and the very high collectibility & resale value, I have recently found myself making the plunge and purchased my first few figures after years of watching the cool figures come and go with prices rocketing sky-high almost immediately. While the price point is a bit of a sting ($179-$250 EACH) what you get for your money is out of this world.

If you would like to know more on this line and also see examples of the products they have had available in the past, please visit the studio’s spotlight page over at Sideshow Collectibles.

Please stay posted here for any new details that may emerge.

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