NEW! Two More Hasbro Transformers Exclusives!


According to the Official Transformers Collector’s Club posting, the two new Transformers exclusives will be revealed in the clubs new magazine (issue #39) and they will be the Matrix Prime and Ultimate Optimus Prime! The issue will contain several photos of each but until then here is a taste.

The San Diego Comic Con exclusive Matrix Prime will of course come in the premium Matrix of Leadership packaging which you will be able to wear and hang your new figure on your chest. This will be the first Transformers Prime Figure released in anticipation to the upcoming releases in December with Transformers Prime First Edition.

The San Diego Comic Con exclusive Ultimate Optimus Prime is packed out in premium packaging which will help to show off the super cool (and large) truck mode with trailer. A decal sheet has been added in this version which will allows fans to add decals and customize trailer. This will be the ONLY version released of Optimus Prime packed out in Truck and Trailer mode in this Limited Edition Package.

If anyone out there with this magazine in hand would be so kind as to contact us with the photos the internet would be extremely grateful.

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