My 1st Sketch! I’m excited!


I’ve never had a sketch done before but I’ve always thought about it. Since last year was my first San Diego Comic Con I didn’t really have the time to have it done or research it. There’s just so much to see and do that you don’t have time for everything. This year I was set on having a sketch done. I don’t even remember how I found Tom Hodges (probably Twitter) but I’m glad I did. He accepts sketch pre-orders for the Cons he’s attending and of course SDCC is one of them!

It wasn’t hard to figure out which character I wanted once I saw this sketch he had done:

Sally by *Hodges-Art on deviantART

I love “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and when I saw this sketch I just knew I had to have him draw Sally. I sent in my information including a deposit on Friday and now I’m even more excited for Comic Con! I can’t wait to pick it up in July!


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