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SDCC Tips/Info

We know that not every tip is worth a complete post, that’s why we have this one. Here are some random tips and advice that we wanted to share, along with some of our followers! If you have a tip to add be sure to leave it in the comments!

1. Be sure to carry some small bills on you! Not everyone in Artist Alley has change for a $50 and not everyone accepts credit cards.

2. If you waiting in line for Ballroom 20, and are on the inside, be sure to bring a sweater. A/C is on full blast. @edgarbautista

3. Download schedule online ASAP. When I see somebody looking for something to do the day of, I think, “They’re screwed.” @RubinPingk

4. Always bring a good, sturdy bag stuffed with snacks, batteries, sharpies, etc. cause those are way overpriced at SDCC. @1JoshuaStone

5. If you can avoid Hall H. All panels will be on You Tube & Hall H will tie up way too much time due to lines. @1JoshuaStone The reality is no filming of screens/clips should be happening in the rooms. I remember seeing people get in trouble for it in BR20 last year. As many have pointed out, waiting in line is something that happens at Con. A better tip would be to make sure you’re in line bright and early, no later than 7am seems to be a time I’ve seen suggested a few times. I do apologize for the not so tip, tip!

6. Talk to people while waiting in line. Don’t be that taciturn person with a sour look on their face. Extrovert! @RubinPingk

7. On the way out of registration, you are given a big WB bag. Choose a line out that is giving away the bag you want. @RubinPingk

8. Know where Ralphs is. @RubinPingk

9. Convention center does not have a great selection of food if you eat healthy. Bring your own food and drink. Saves $. @edgarbautista

10. Cosplay is serious business, if you’re gonna do it – make it work! @Imakatt

11. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes/clothes. You’ll be doing a ton of walking and temperatures will change!

12. Don’t be afraid to ask other Con goers questions! If you see someone with awesome swag, just ask!

13. Be aware of your personal space! When you’re carrying around 2 bags and a backpack, you tend to take up more space than normal.

14. Personal hygiene. Enough said.


  • Alright two of mine made the list. Two more. In reference to number 3, if you have an Iphone, there is an official app that has the full schedule and that allows you to mark the events you want to attend and use that as your daily calendar.
    Also, don’t be afraid to leave the convention center during the Con, especially if this is not your first or second time. There is a ton of stuff to do outside along with free stuff that is given away that is not available inside. SyFy uses a local resturant and converts it into there own. They also have people on the streets giving out freebies, as does Discovery for Mythbusters. Last year they the Scott Pilgrim experience across the street where you could get free shirts and meet the cast. And you don’t even have to be a con attendee for these things. This year a number of writers and artists are taking over a bar to have their own pop up store across the street, http://trickstertrickster.com/, these are top industry people who have just been pushed off the floor over the years due the studios taking up more and more space.

  • My two-cents: If you plan on waiting in line for a hall (namely Hall H or Ballroom 20), 1. Don’t be shy…talk to others in line with you. Obviously you have something in common if you’re both waiting in line. 2. Bring snacks…getting out of line can be a bitch and selection is not the Con’s greatest contribution. 3. Bring something to do with the time you’re waiting outside. A lot of people last year brought their Kindles/Nooks…I’m sure this year will be the onslaught of the iPad. But even a deck of cards would suffice. 🙂

  • I actually stopped reading a bit of the way down to comment.

    The fellow saying to avoid Hall H is flat out wrong. The panels will never be on YouTube because it’s expressly forbidden to record and show any part of the FOOTAGE that is previewed specifically for Hall H. Sure, the panels might have some clips shown, but only clips.

    I’ve gone to comic-con for 3 years and no one shows what is shown in Hall H. That’s why it’s special, and that’s why it’s worth the wait in line.

  • You’re not really being accurate telling people the hall h panels are on you tube. If your interested in watching poor video and clips then so be it. But for first timers, I would definitely experience Hall H. It’s an experience you will never forget. If you get on line at 7 or 8 am you will make it into the Hall for the first panel. It will not eat up your time like this “tip” says. If you get on line at 10 am, then yes expect it to eat up your day.

  • I gave tip number 5 and I stand by it. Comic-con has an official You Tube page you can get to through their website. They also have an official one for Hall H, it is Hallhcoverage and it has all the panels from last year up in a nice quality video. As for ballroom 20 just about every tv show that is in there will have the panels up on their own websites, YouTube, or through ITunes. While I certainly understand people wanting to see their favorite shows or upcoming movie’s panels, I just feel it takes up a ton of time, especially Hall H, for just waiting in line. So if you can handle watching the official videos of the panels a day or two later I would say do it as there so much else going on, and as someone who is about to go to his 10th SDCC since 1999 understand there is a ton to do and you probably rather not have your most vivid memories be of waiting in line.

  • Go grab a burger at OBrother in Horton Plaza. Ohhhhhhhh man. That is seriously becoming a part of my annual process.


    Great tips! I’m stoked for the con this year. I’m going to try to get some people to look at my work so I’ll learn a few new things this year and have some more tips to add for 2012.

    Another tip I would add, or rather a challenge, is: bring ten dollars, find an artist with a booth, and buy their stuff. Engage them in conversation and see what they are all about. I gave this challenge to my friends last year and I think they got a lot out of it. I ended up spending hours and hours talking to creators who haven’t broken thru yet. It was awesome.

    Another tip: take pictures. I’ve never seen a cosplayer that denied a picture except for a star trek booth babe who was really in the wrong line of work for her attitude. I’ve taken hundreds and hundreds of pictures of/with cosplayers and they were all happy to oblige.

  • Seriously, and I do not mean to be rude, but leave the strollers at home. Strollers are a HUGE hazard in crowded rooms. It is unsafe for the other patrons, and most importantly, the child.

  • I could be wrong—-but pretty sure last year they started showing the previous days Hall H events on close circuit TV the following day —for example you could see Thursday programing in a room on Friday–Friday’s on Saturday and Saturday including Ball on Sunday.. So yes it is possible to see Hall H stuff w/o committing CON-CARDINAL –SIN

  • On the getting the WB bag, you don’t have to be in the line of the bag you want. After you get your bag you can just ask someone who has the bag you want if they’ll trade theirs for yours. I did last year and walked away with the bag I originally wanted.

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