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A few of you responded and here’s what you had to say about your San Diego Comic Con costs!

Shawn is a semi-local:

Below is the budget that my wife and I normally use for our trip to SDCC. We only live 2 hours away, so we don’t have flight or shipping costs. Also, we always get in on Wed and drive back on Monday (we like to see everything from the very start to the bitter end 🙂

Tickets: $214
Parking: $50
Pet Sitter: $150
Room: $636
Food/Entertainment: $500
Stuff (Toys/Autographs/Comics): $550

Total $2,100

It’s nice to see he included a cost most of us don’t think of, a pet sitter. I actually do some pet sitting on the side and it can add up quickly.

Al is another semi-local, visiting SDCC from LA.

Travel: I live in Los Angeles, so I take the train. $60 round trip. Driving is an awful nightmare. I recommend getting Business class on the way back. Coach is really crowded.

Accommodations: I got a room at the Marriott Marina which is $309 per night from Travel Planners. This year I’m splitting it with 5 or 6 people. My share is paid via a $250 gift card I got from credit card rewards.

SDCC costs: Badge was $105
I need to keep track of my food purchases. I went to a lot of after parties last year, so I didn’t buy dinner for 3 nights. Breakfast I picked up from the hotel lobby, snacks from Ralphs.

I usually spend $50 in Comic Con stuff. I attend a lot of panels, so I end up with plenty of swag anyway.

Antonio was nice enough to submit his information as well:

Virgin America, flight for two, SFO to SAN: $626.80
Kimpton Hotel Solamar, 20July – 25 July: $1344.38
Per Diem (food and stuff): $500.00
Transport to/from airport: $200.00

If it seems like a lot, it’s in large part because I planned well-ahead for it.
Really, you should begin planning for Comic Con a full year in advance.
The earlier you start, the better off you’ll be come July.

If you want to submit your information just send us an email! I want to thank those who submitted their information! Hopefully these posts will help future Con goers!


  • Great tips. Thanks for the collating the costs. This is our first comic con (we’re heading in from Australia). Don’t know anyone but hoping to meet lots of friendly peeps.

    By the way, did anyone say how much they spend on costumes for Con?

  • Comic Con on a budget:

    This will be my second Comic Con, and being financially challenged, I’m glad to have discovered the hostel where I’ll be rooming with four friends, but paying only $274 to stay there for the whole week.

    I paid $350 for round trip airfare from Boston to SD (my biggest cost), and I’ll pay the $2 to take the bus from the airport to the hostel, which is walking distance to the convention center and the Gaslamp.

    Last year I only had about $300 spending money for food and souvenirs, so I got myself a Ralphs card and stocked up on snacks there. This year I had more time to save some extra cash but the rest of the trip is essentially the same.

    Total budget:
    Hostel room – $274
    Airfare – $350
    Bus to departing airport – $40
    Discount ticket to Sea World – $45
    Food and spending money – about $600

    Total cost – $1309

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