• What exactly is a voucher? Would that be like purchasing the exclusive and receiving the voucher for pick up at the SDCC? Or is the voucher an additional cost from the acual cost of the exclusive? Thanks for your info.

    • If I had to guess the voucher is like placing a preorder. You most likely purchase a voucher for the exclusive you want and then take the voucher plus other documents (SDCC Badge, Photo ID?) to the pick up area.

      • That is correct. The pick-up area was in the Marriott last year, it could very well remain there just to keep things from getting too congested on the floor.

  • Hmmm…I kind of like the voucher idea. 🙂 Makes me less nervous about actually getting my Stay Puft. LOL

  • They did this last year and it was a complete nightmare. I was in line for 2.5 hours and the line ran outside in 90 degree heat. And this was to just pick up items I already paid for. They only had three people working in the room, because they already had our money so why bother dedicating staff to this. I will not do it again. If I get something from them this year it will be by walk up at the booth only.

  • So do you have to preorder ALL of the exclusives you want, regardless of the company? Is there any chance of getting the toys on site? (I’m after both the Mattel Ghoulia, and a Hasbro My Little Pony.) My sister tried to get me a MLP last year, but she said it was impossible to figure out who was selling the ‘tickets’ necessary to purchase one.

    Any hints/tips regarding purchasing would be appreciated – this is going to be my first SDCC, so I’d really, REALLY like to get at least one of my target exclusives! 🙂

    • Every company does it differently. I believe most will have onsite sales as well as the pre-orders. I think some companies even offer the items online AFTER Comic Con. I like to pre-order personally that way I know my item will be waiting for me and I won’t have to fend for one.

      Not everyone does pre-order though which is why you need to check with each company.

      • Thanks so much! I’m a bit of an obsessive pre-planner, so I’m trying to get all sorts of info and cover as many bases as possible. (That being said, I have read your melt-down post, and I keep saying to myself, ‘Flexible is enjoyable!’)

  • Natasha – you can always try E-Bay! You can just say you got them at the Con!
    What I’d really like to know is HOW are these people pre-selling Con exclusives on E-Bay sure they will really be getting the stuff?
    Are they those annoying people standing on the outside of the kiosk begging you (or offering money) to buy items for them? Do they work for the Companies and are making a little on the side? Are they personal friends of the CEO’s? Is there a Secret Society that I don’t know about?

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