Another Story Of A Hotel Nightmare

San Diego Comic Con

You’ll remember right before Easter I had an issue with my hotel reservation. Of course I alerted everyone via Twitter and this blog. I reminded everyone to double check their reservations because my case showed, you never know when a disaster might happen. I heard from two other people, one staying at the same hotel and another who was staying at the Hilton Bayfront. I asked Jenn if she wanted to share her story and she said yes. She had a harder time getting her situation fixed than I did but in the end it had a happy ending. Here’s her story.

I booked my hotel room at San Diego Hilton Bayfront for the dates of Comic Con, July 20-24, back on November 23rd. I made this reservation through the hotel personally and checked the reservation in March before the comic con hotel lottery. I saw on twitter that @SDDCnerdsattack had had an issue with her room so I decided to re-confirm my reservation. My phone call was directed to a person who informed me that my reservation had been canceled by the hotel on April 13th. There were no details as to why it was canceled so they decided to investigate.

Over the course of the next four days, I spoke to 11 different people. I spoke to the service that makes the reservations. I spoke to several members of the actual hotel. I was given a number for a manager of the Hilton Bayfront. I left two messages for her and never received a response. Everyone seem to say the same thing. They were investigating why my reservation was canceled. I was even given a number of a person who was supposedly responsible for my room booking in the first place. I called him as I was advised to do. He worked for a television network and had booked rooms, but in a nearby hotel. He was not even sure as to why the Hilton had his contact information, let alone why they were giving it out.

At the end of day two, I decided to try and reach Hilton Corporate to file a complaint. At this point I had talked to eight different people. During all of this I was perfectly clear that all I wanted was my reservation reinstated. Before I got in touch with corporate this solution never came up. I explained my situation to someone at corporate and they filed a complaint. I was informed that the hotel was required to answer within three days or corporate would take matters into their own hands.

Two days after the complaint was filed I received a call from the Hilton Bayfront. The person was apologetic for the situation as was pleased to offer me a discounted room 12 miles from the convention center. The Hilton Bayfront is basically adjacent to the convention center, so 12 miles away was not okay with me. I thanked them for the offer but refused to accept. I explained that parking was no longer available and that I just wanted my original reservation back. I did not want, or need, any special treatment or price breaks. He told me he would have to get back to me with a solution. I heard back from him within less than an hour so he could tell me my reservation was reinstated.

This whole situation was an extremely lengthy and stressful time. I spent at least 5-6 hours on the phone. They never did fully explain as to why my reservation was canceled, but I didn’t care as long as I had my room back. Planning ahead for some reason seem to work against me, but it all worked out in the end.

I think the one interesting thing that all three of us have in common is the fact that our hotels were booked directly, not using Travel Planners. I wonder if some of these hotels over booked and are trying to make room for some of the TP reservations? It’s not a huge shock if that happened. It’s more shocking that they seemed to think that we wouldn’t notice and that we wouldn’t make noise about it.

I’m glad that we were all able to secure our reservations though. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if the cancellation email went to my spam folder or if Jenn had never called to check her reservation.


  • I also have a room with Hilton Bayfront and I just checked it thank you very much. The reservation is still there and I had also joined Hilton Honors at that time.

    I think you are right about what happened , they probably just wanted to get rid of reservations made by non regular Hilton customers.

    I think the only reason my reservation is still good is because I pre-paid for the entire stay with no refund option. I also tried to book just the SDCC dates but of course no rooms were available and this was last year just after SDCC was over. I added two days before the con and magically rooms became available, I decide to add a day after since this was turning into a regular vacation .

    I stayed at the Hard Rock last year and it was fun, but not worth the hassle of always having to show your room key just to get into the front door , because of the crowds of people wanting to see celebrities. The room was filled wall to wall with stuff they wanted you to buy and of course no room in the frig for any of your own stuff. The Hilton Bayfront might be the same way I don’t know.


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