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San Diego Comic Con

Mario has suggested that each one of us here at the blog take the time to share our Comic Con costs. I think it’s a great idea! We’re all from different areas, have different interests and different plans when it comes to attending San Diego Comic Con. This might help some of you out there plan for this year or even for future Comic Con events.

San Diego Comic Con 2010

My hotel costs are shared with one friend. Obviously the more people you have in a room, the more money you could save. Last year we stayed at The Sheraton Mission Valley. We were able to get a decent rate because of a friend. Our hotel was $169 a night, for 6 nights. The total came to $1,262.40 after taxes and fees. My share of the room was $631.15.

I really lucked out here. I’m a member of the Southwest Rapid Rewards program and was able to score a free flight. Since I’m coming to San Diego from the East Coast I saved a good amount of money by not having to purchase airfare. I don’t want to leave you in the dark though. I looked up airfare for this year (Again, I was able to book a free flight this year as well) and the total would’ve been $440.80 based on the cheapest fare I found when I looked, $199 each way.

Car Rental:
Last year we rented a car since we were out in Mission Valley. Some might see this as an unneeded expense but we found it extremely helpful to have our own transportation. We didn’t have to depend on public transportation. Seeing how this was the first time visiting San Diego for both of us, we weren’t sure if we would be seeing other attractions while on vacation. The total for the rental car, a Ford Escape, came to $325.33 after taxes and fees, making my share $163.

Con Costs:
Last year I had a 4 Day Pass with Preview Night which cost $100. We pre-paid for 2 days of parking which came to $25.84. Being the fangirl that I am, I pre-paid for a photo op with James Marsters which cost $60 and paid for an autograph session with Eddie McClintock as well which was $35 (I think, my memory is horrible). As far as purchases, I only bought 2 items. I bought a “Dexter” bobblehead and action figure. I think the total for those items came to $45 but I received a kick ass “Dexter” bag for free.

If my memory is correct I’m pretty sure I took about $500 cash with me to San Diego. The good news is I believe I came back with about $200. That $300 was spent on food, both inside and outside the Con, a visit to the USS Midway, more downtown parking (We didn’t have pre-paid for Preview Night or Saturday), one Taxi ride and I’m sure some more random loose ends. We didn’t really do much in the form of sight seeing which obviously saved some money.

This brings the estimated grand total for Comic Con 2010 to: $1,359.99.

San Diego Comic Con 2011

Obviously I won’t be able to share everything yet since we’re not there yet. I do know that unless someone super awesome is doing photo ops I’ll be passing on that this year along with the autographs. Of course that can always change but right there that’s $95 I won’t be spending, in theory. It’ll probably just go towards something else.

This year we’re staying at the Hotel Solamar in the Gaslamp. Again, I’ll be sharing the cost with a friend. The hotel cost more this year but it’s worth it. The total is $1,792.16. We’re staying two extra nights as well which adds onto the hotel cost. My share will be $896.08.

Again, I lucked out. I was able to use another Rapid Rewards Award.

Car Rental:
No rental this year! If we need to get around we’ll just use a taxi or another form of public transit.

Con Costs:
This year we only managed to snag 3 single day passes. The total for those passes came to $100 even after fees. Again, since we don’t have a rental we don’t need to pay for parking. This year we’re attending W00tstock and those tickets were $44.45. I can’t believe I almost forgot to include this but this year I’ll be cosplaying for the 1st time ever. I paid SmarmyClothes to create the costume because I have no skills. The total for my costume came to $145.25.

I’m not going to include “Other” costs at the moment since I really have no idea what else we’re going to be doing while in San Diego. We’ve talked about checking out The San Diego Zoo, The Whaley House and maybe trying to catch a San Diego Padres game.

As of right now, Comic Con 2011 comes to: $1,185.78.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a little depressing to see how much everything costs but it’s a great time! I can see this year being a few hundred more than last. We’re staying 2 extra days plus the hotel last year was $169 and this year it’s $199. I’m cosplaying this year too which obviously adds to the cost. The fact that I’ve been able to score 2 free flights is a huge help. Honestly, I’m not sure I could afford Comic Con without them. I know I’m going to spend a boat load on exclusives as well.

I hope my numbers give you guys a good idea of how much and how quickly Comic Con can add up. If you want to share your numbers just send an email!

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