White Collar SDCC 2011 Meet-Up!

San Diego Comic Con

White Collar @ SDCC2010If you’re a fan of the USA Network show “White Collar” this post is for you. I’d like you to meet Christine (@ChristineLive). She’s working on organizing a “White Collar” fan meet-up at San Diego Comic Con. She has some help though! The other Twitter fans helping to plan the party are: Caitlin (@losttribe), Carianne (@RandomPenguin), Katelyn (@Katylyn89) and Jolene (@JoleneGolightly). She’s been a huge fan of White Collar since the pilot aired on USA. Fortunately, the show and the writers are really great to the fans online so it’s really easy to connect with the fanbase on Twitter. I love the show as well and hope to be able to add this event to my list of “To Do’s” while in San Diego. Christine was nice enough to answer a few questions about her meet-up!

What made you think of organizing a fan party?
The idea came a bit out of no where. I have a few friends online and in person who are going to be at SDCC. It’s my first time going, so I’m really excited! I had not heard of a White Collar Fan party that was happening, so I thought it would be a lot of fun to throw it ourselves. I e-mailed some of the girls I thought may be interested and once they were on board, we got to work.

What details can you tell me about the meet up? Do you have a date/location yet?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a date or location yet. There are still some details we are trying to work out. We will update everyone once that is set.

Do you have any fun games planned?
We have a TON of fun games planned!! We will definitely be doing trivia, pin-the-tie-on-Neal, Caption-the-photo, a fedora hat scavenger hunt, etc. We’ll probably be asking everyone to come dressed in their White Collar Best attire. We are also putting together some fun prizes but, for the moment, I’m going to keep those a surprise 😉

If people want to learn more, where should they look?
The best place to keep up is on Twitter (@WCFansatSDCC) or on our website Be sure to e-mail us if you’re planning to come to the event (whitecollarfansatsdcc@gmail.com), so we can add you to the list and make sure you receive e-mail updates. Everyone should follow us on Twitter regardless because we talk White Collar all the time!

Thanks again Christine for the interview! As you can see, they’re still working out some of the details but once they have the location/date/time I’ll be sure to pass it along! It’s great to see all the fan meet-ups that are being planned. If you’re working on one let us know! We’d love to feature it!

The picture used is one that I took from last year! You can see all my SDCC 2010 photos here!


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