Rollin’ With the V.I.P. – Part 2

San Diego Comic Con

Annnnd we’re back! We’ve got a whole slew of celebrity encounter photos from Comic-Cons past, let’s dive right in!

Tony Kim runs a Comic-Con blog of his own, called Crazy 4 Comic-Con. He’s very active on Twitter and is a pleasure to follow (@Crazy4ComicCon). Here’s what he has to say about his pic with legend Stan Lee:

Stan Lee & Tony
Me and some random old dude from SDCC 2010. He photo bombed my pic!

Keith Tyrrel had several great encounters in 2009:

Routh & Huntington
Gene Simmons

My first run-in happened our first day at SDCC, right after we just checked in! My buddies, Russ, Russell and I were walking around and we ran into Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington giving an interview! Let me first say that I’m a HUGE Superman fan! That’s what I grew up on! So, to see Routh (AKA Clark Kent/Superman) and Huntington (AKA Jimmy Olsen), right off the bat was a GREAT way to start my SDCC experience! ! !

I did get to meet Jack O’Halloran and Margot Kidder in the autograph section but it wasn’t really a “run-in”. I do have to say, meeting them was awesome! I got a chance to talk with Kidder. . .got a hug and had my picture taken with her! Unfortunately, my buddy hasn’t given me the photo yet! (I think he’s holding it for ransom! lol!)

My second run-in at SDCC ’09 was Gene Simmons! Funny story with that. I was trying to get into the Big Bang Theory panel but was very disappointed when I didn’t make it in (I learned my lesson… . .got in line 4 hours before the Iron Man II panel for Hall H and made it into that one!). So, I was walking around, just annoyed and frustrated when I decided to turn around to head somewhere else. And lo and behold, guess who was walking right behind me. . .and I didn’t even know it. . .Gene Simmons!

It was funny because I started to realize that people were shouting, “oh my gosh! It’s Gene Simmons!” (and I’m sure I heard a few screams too!).

Blog master Barb has another pic to share:

Barb with LL Cool J

Here I am with LL Cool J! We had no idea he was going to be there on Saturday until Friday night. I was checking around on my phone and saw him listed for an autograph signing at the CBS booth. Just goes to show you should always be checking the schedule! We waited in line for a good bit to see him. The line was actually outside of the main floor area and broken into two sections. I think there was a limit on the number of people because someone was going around with a clicker and counting. Then we received a little sticker on our badge which they took once we made it up to the booth,

LL was beyond nice! He’s even better looking in person too. My friend and I joked around about singing “Doin It” when we made it up to him but we froze (imagine that) and just managed to say Hi. We didn’t have much time to take pictures and I was surprised they let us! That’s why I look a hot mess and rushed! My friends joke about how small I am and how far he had to lean over in order to make it in the picture. 

Barb’s Comic-Con cohort Melinda shares her own version of the events:

Melinda & LL Cool J

Before I was geek, I was a little ghetto…so it’s only right that when Barb and I found out that LL Cool J was doing an autograph signing I’d be excited.  I mean com’on!  His name is Ladies Love Cool J…I figured that when we got up to meet him we could sing “Doin’ It” to him.  I’m sure he’d appreciate that and not find it at all creepy. Then, when we thought about the timing, we were a little bummed because we figured we’d never make it to get in line after coming out of Ballroom 20.  So we just forgot about the whole thing.  Oh well, maybe next time.

That day, we left Ballroom 20, hopped up on the excitement of freebies and what-have-you and we walked down the main hallway outside the actual convention floor admiring everyone’s costumes.  While meandering, we stumbled upon this measly little line that was forming in one of the doorway vestibules.  We asked someone in line who they were waiting for (this is an awesome tip by the way, see a line and inquire) and they said that LL Cool J was doing his signing.  Barb and I had a mini freak out and got in line right behind them.  Seriously there were about 12 people in front of us and they hadn’t started the signing session yet.  EEEEE!
The whole time in line, I kept periodically singing “Doin’ It” to myself…but deep down, I knew I had the potential to freak out once in front of him.  Soon the line was weaving its way through the crowd on the convention floor and there he was, LL Cool J.  Barb was before me, and we all laughed because LL’s arms were as big as she is and he had to bend over the counter just to be sure both of them were in the picture.  Then it was my turn.  I looked a wreck because we were outside in line to get in to Comic-Con at 5 AM and it was now about 2 PM.  But I was proud I didn’t completely freak.  I said thank you…at least I hope I did and he flashed his gorgeous smile and it was all over.  But at least I have a picture to prove I met LL Cool J.

Lastly, we have Shawn Marshall who wrote our recap of the Long Beach Comic-Con for us. Shawn and his wife Carmelle shared these 4 pics with us!

Shawn & LL Cool J
Carmelle, Shawn & Jon Favreau
Carmelle & Shawn with Seth Green
Carmelle & Shawn with Seth Green
Shawn & Mark Hamill

That’s it for this time, keep those pic coming! Next time I’ll share some more from my own collection too!


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