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I can’t believe we’re only about 3 months away from San Diego Comic Con. It really has turned into a year round event though when you think about it. You attend in July and only a few months later passes for the next year go on sale! Plus you start looking around at hotels and before you know it those go on sale! Then parking, then research and news is leaked/released and then San Diego Comic Con is here! Then you repeat the process over again!

The funny thing is, I’m sitting here emailing my Con buddy about our plans already. I know we’re attending W00tstock and that we expect to attend the Zombie Walk as well. We’ve started talking about panels too and our expectations there. We made every panel we wanted to see last year and this year I think we plan to only hit up a few. I know at the moment there’s really only one show I want to see panel wise and that’s “Being Human” from SyFy. “Dexter” didn’t end on a huge cliffhanger so there’s not much there. “Burn Notice” starts in June which means no huge surprises most likely. If they have the whole cast there though I plan to try and attend. Normally it’s only Bruce because of the filming schedule. “Bones” will depend on the finale of this season. My friend is pretty much in the same boat. She watches “True Blood” and said if two certain actors are there (one’s who were absent last year) at the panel she’d like to try and go. If any of her new shows are there (“Southland” or “Chicago Code”) she’d like to try and check them out too.

I think our plan for this year is to try and see more of the events and things that go on outside of the convention. I’d love to try and attend some parties or fan meet-ups. There’s just so much to see and do! I hate having to make decisions which is what Comic Con is all about. Plus I’m not going to lie, it would be fun to do some celeb stalking. I haven’t done that since my Nsync days. I was beyond overwhelmed last year and if I was near a celeb I had no idea. My eyes were everywhere! Costumes! Weirdness! Banners! Buses!

I think our plan is doable though, especially since we’re staying in the Gaslamp. We’ll be able to walk back and forth if we want. It’ll be easy to take breaks here and there. We won’t have to leave the Con that early if we need to get ready for another event. Well, I hope it all goes as easily it sounds. I doubt it will since this is Comic Con after all but that’s part of the fun!

Do you have any plans yet? Anything you know you want to do for sure?


  • So far I have no set plans. Last year by this time I had already bought tickets to a Patton Oswalt show on Friday night but this year noting like that has come up yet.

    I know I plan on eating some great meals and seeing some friends that I have not seen since last July, plus meeting some new ones (YOU!).

    I’m looking very much forward to experiencing the convention at least 60 lbs lighter than I was last year. My weight goal for Comic-Con is 199 lbs and as of yester I was 200.2 lbs! I hope I can get the extra pound off before July! 😀 I’m anxious to see if all my hard work pays off and if it’s easier to walk around without getting all sweaty!

  • Southland and Chicago Code at SDCC would add even more sacriligity (yes I just made that word up) that Glee represents. I think I won’t be going anymore after this year if this is how it’s going to end up – popular non-geek TV shows.

  • We’re definitely doing w00tstock. Not sure what else to do as it’s our first Comic Con and we don’t know anyone (we’re heading all the way from Australia).

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