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Tanya Tate has always had an affinity for superheroes but only recently did she take to cosplaying. She made her first appearance in costume at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, dressed as Marvel Superhero Emma Frost. Overnight her popularity skyrocketed in the comic community as her image appeared on several genre websites and blogs. Here’s our interview with the lovely Tanya! Maybe you even remember seeing her last year!

When Nerds Attack: Tanya, I know you where in attendance at CCI last year but was that your first year?

Tanya Tate: My first year was 2010, so far just one. But I went fully committed. I dressed up as Emma Frost of the X-men. Short mini-skirt, thigh high boots, the whole bit. If I was going to comic-con, I was going all out.

WNA: That is a bold character choice with a rich wardrobe history. Did you consider any of her other costume variations before landing on your choice.

: I did, but even I’m not bold enough to wear some of the things she has worn. I think I chose the one that was just right for my body type. Sexy and complimented my attributes.

WNA: This show has been building a lot of hype over the years, did you have any expectations before heading in?

TT: I had been in San Diego the year before in 2009 during the comic convention and saw a few people on the sidewalk dressed as superheroes. So, when I came around in 2010, I was expecting to see some people dressed up. It was amazing, like walking into a comic book movie. I was greeted by so many people. But then that may have been because of the tiny Emma Frost tube top I was wearing.

WNA: Such a great way to be introduced to the event. Did you have any idea that this was going on before hand in ’09 or did you just arrive in town and saw Storm Troopers?

TT: I had known of this mythical beast known as Comic Con, but while in England it never seemed like a reality or how big it was. The stars just aligned and I ended up there the same time with no idea. I thought to myself “bloody hell, what’s going on!”

WNA: Did you have any “this could only happen at comic-con” moments?

TT: Wow, there were a lot of things, but the overall ambiance is what I think of. Only at comic con will you get that feeling of community and it’s really brilliant. Like I said I’ve only gone once and I’ve already met so many cool people. People are still finding me online now, that took I took a picture with at SDCC.

WNA: The Internet has a way of connecting people over a shared experience. Did you see or do anything that made your inner-nerd jump for joy?

TT: Standing on top of Odin’s throne at the Marvel booth while surrounded by a whole load of Marvel superheroes posing for photos.

WNA: I bet there are some out there who have recreated that scene with toys on a mantle. All of that walking and standing must have built you up an appetite. With the Convention Center across the street from world class cuisine do you have any places that really stood out that you can recommend for foods or drinks?

TT: There are so many restaurants to choose from in the Gas Lamp district. If you like Italian you will love Asti Ristorante, a traditional Italian restaurant on 5th Avenue. I love chicken, the Petto di Pollo Marsala was really tasty. If you want something more casual grab some food at The Tin Fish, facing Hard Rock Cafe. Lots of delicious fish dishes. It doesn’t beat English fish & chips but the grilled fish sandwich was tasty. It was great for people watching too.

WNA: Molte benne! I am partial to chicken parmigiana myself. Brits are know for spending time at pubs and San Diego seems to be filled with them. Were there any that you enjoyed?

TT: Ha! No, I didn’t get a chance to I was exhausted by the end of the day. This year I’ll make more of an effort to make it to the pubs and have a drink with the lads.

WNA: There is a lot of sensory overload at the con but there are some great gems you cannot find anywhere else. Did you see anything that was crazy or awesome?

TT: Sitting at The Tin Fish I saw about 20 zombies come walking down the street. It was an amazing site. The people had put a lot of time into their costumes, the special effects were so life like.

WNA: Have you attempted Hall H? Maybe you were one of the many who camped out overnight?

TT: No, that’s not for me. I need a bed to sleep in, LOL. But I applaud that level of commitment.

WNA: What movie or maybe actors that would make you change your mind? Everyone has that one “must see” exception.

TT: Maybe the Justice League movie. But, I can’t see myself camped out in, like a Power Girl costume, all night.

WNA: Best purchase made at the event?

TT: Marvel Superhero Squad Doctor Doom figure holding a coffee cup. So cute!

WNA: I own that figure, it is on my work desk. How awesome is it? Do you have any expectations heading into the 2011 installment?

TT: I don’t have any, except to have a good time. Since my first visit I have been dressing up and going to more comic conventions. I’ve met a lot of cool people, I have been’s Cosplay girl of the Month, launched my website…I’ve had an exciting year since last Comic Con. So, looking forward, I just plan to reconnect with that scene. This year I am dressing up again, turning up the sexy with my Electrawoman costume. And of course, meeting new people.

WNA: I actually had to Google who Electrawoman is, so A+ on the cult choice. Is there anyone you are hoping to see while you are in town?

TT: I missed out on meeting Stan Lee at Long Beach Comic Con, so if he’s at SDCC, I would love to meet him there.

WNA: Do you have any advice for people who are coming the con for the first time?

TT: Bring a bottle of water and some power bars in your rucksack. It really helps, and for girls; come with someone who can hold your rucksack while you pose for pictures in your costume! Ha!

Thanks again Tanya! If you missed her at the Long Beach Comic Expo you can catch her this weekend at the Anaheim Comic Con put on by Wizard World.


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