Rollin’ With the V.I.P. – Part 1

San Diego Comic Con

One of the best things about Comic-Con are the chance encounters with famous people. It could be inside, outside, at a signing or at lunch, no matter where you spot them the first inclination is to snap a photo, preferable with you in it!

We’re going to celebrate those photos by showcasing photos submitted from fans and some from our own collections. Enjoy!

Bavarian Erin with Rob Hubel, outside the EW/SF party in 2010.

As Rob was walking along the barricades outside the part I called his name. He looked over and I asked for a pic. He was fiddling with his phone and held up a finger and said he’d be over in a minute. True to his word, he came over and posed with me. I was standing on my tip toes, he’s a pretty tall guy!

@SignedInPodcast with Alison Brie at the Fox Sports Cafe at the Hilton Bayfront, 2010
@SignedInPodcast, with Joel McHale, 2010

Those two are actually of my husband, nicknamed Superfro. It was last year on Sunday and we were just about done with the convention, a little worn out and honestly, I was crabby and decided to get some food over at the Hilton. We got sat right away in a section that was empty, except for 1 table with 3 of the stars from Community. I was freaking out and Superfro was trying to play it cool. Joel McHale caught me looking at him wide eyed and then started imitating me, that sort of broke the ice and Superfro asked then for photos before they left. Joel McHale looked at him and said ‘I’ll take a pic with you, but not with HER”, and pointed at me, it was all very cute. A while later they were getting ready to leave and Joel came over to pose for pics. He was adorable and we chatted a little bit about his live shows the night before and the Patton Oswalt show (which we had been at). Alison Brie was about to leave and Superfro stopped her and asked for a pic. She said she thought we were just kidding and only wanted pics of Joel. We didn’t get any pics with Donald Glover because we had met him a few nights before. It was a really nice way to end the convention for us!

Barb & James Marsters, 2010

Here is our fearless When Nerds Attack leader, Barb, with her story about meeting James Marsters!

When I saw that I could have a photo taken with James Marsters, better known as Spike from Buffy, I jumped on it! This could’ve been a once in a life time opportunity. I mean, you never know when you’ll make it back to SDCC and you never know which celebs will be there. The line for the photo was long, As you can imagine at a Comic Con, James is a big draw! While waiting in line I even saw a couple who were dressed up as Spike & Dru. They looked amazing! I’m not sure if they got to meet James but I hope they did. I’m sure he would’ve been impressed! I think I waited about 30 minutes which in Comic Con time isn’t that bad. They seemed to be pretty organized and the hardest part was just staying out of the way of everyone else and not blocking other booths/aisles. It was finally my turn and I was nervous. It’s a pretty standard reaction for me. I’m known for saying stupid things to celebrities or saying nothing at all. James was super nice! I honestly can’t remember what I said to him, it all seemed to happen in a flash. You didn’t get much time since you had a line of people behind you but it was still a moment I won’t forget! I wasn’t sure my picture would turn out well ( I don’t think I’m very photogenic) but I love it! I had thought about being a funny pose but in the end I stuck with the standard since I was a little starstruck.

Before he was writing posts for When Nerds Attack, Mario was bumping into celebs left and right!

Jason Schwartzman & Mario
Joe Manganiello & Mario's wife Erin
Mario, David Zayas & Erin

Here is one of myself with Jason Schwarzman. Erin and I were going for lunch and we went to the Toscana (awesome sandwiches and wraps) and she went to get us on the wait list. I saw him on the corner talking to a few fans, I walked up when they were done and ask “Hey, arent you the guy from ‘Yo Teach’?” (Funny People joke) and he took a pic. oddly enough this is not the first time i met him. i was an extra in an episode of bored to death and we talked for a bit then too.

Here is Erin with Joe Manganiello (True Blood, How I Met Your Mother) he was chilling in the Scott Pilgrim Experience with his manager just taking it all in. Took a photo, we talked for a bit about HIMYM. he was cool.

Here is one of Erin and I with David Zayas (Dexter, The Expendables). He was staying in the Marriott, as were we, and I met him in the elevator. funny story too, I didn’t notice him at all and there there was a tornado warning for Brooklyn that came up on the news in the elevator’s TV. I made a joke that he commented on (he used to be in the nypd). He was cool for the two minute ride and took a pic with us.

Darlene Horn (@darleneeats) had a bizarre and fun run-in with Joshua Jackson last year, across the street from the convention center. Her instinct that the whole meeting was a little off proved to be spot on, as it was all part of a Funny of Die skit. You can read her report of the meeting on her site, My Burning Kitchen.

Joshua Jackson & Darlene Horn

Edgar Bautista sent is this pic from the 2010 convention.

Edgar & Angie Greenup

I’m usually on the other side of the camera. This is my only picture with a famous person. My friend used my camera to take this picture of Angie Greenup and I during the 2010 Comic Con, so it’s a bit blurry.

She’s appeared on G4’s “It’s Effin Science”. And was a backup host on Attack of the Show.

That’s it for this time around! We’ll have many more pics and stories next week in Part 2. Thanks to everyone who sent us their pics and if you have pics of celebrity encounters in and around Comic-Con that you’d like to share, please send us an e-mail!

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