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@xSteelyPhilx on Twitter asked: The earliest I can get to the CC is about 8:30-8:45. Is that too late to get my pass and still get a seat in B20 (Ballroom 20)?

Mario: Not at all. I made it into b20’s showtime and Dexter panels held in the afternoon and i went on line around 2 or 3 (I forget). As long as there are panels before the one you want to go to there is a good chance you can get in if you give yourself a bit of start time.

B: I think it all depends on which day and what panels are going on. I was in line for Ballroom 20 outside at around 5:30am, maybe closer to 6:00am. I was one of the first to get into Ballroom 20 on Thursday which was a big TV panel day. I noticed throughout the day not many people were leaving room, either because they were a fan of everything OR because they wanted to see something later in the day.

Erin: This is going to depend on several things; what day are you talking about, what panel you are seeing, what time that panel starts and what other panels are after it that might cause early arrivals.

If there is a high profile panel *after* you panel people might come early, taking up precious seats when they aren’t even really interested in what’s happening, just saving a seat for later. This is unfortunate but really there is no way to clear rooms between panels and still keep on their schedule.

The best you can do is stay positive, don’t panic, follow the signs and instructions to pick up your pass. Luckily, you’ll already be upstairs, so you can beeline for the line to Ballroom 20. Good luck!

Here’s another question from a Twitter follower, @Velvet_Rose: Is it smart to try and participate in more than one activity (fan gathering/zombie walk etc) per night?

B: Great question! I think it’s great to try and do as much as you can but you don’t want to overextend yourself! I think it all depends on logistics. Are the events near each other? Would you end up spending more time in traffic than at the actual events? How important are the different things to you? SDCC is all about making choices, tough choices. Keep in mind some events might even interfere with SDCC panels!

Erin: This can be tricky. I have done more than one event and then regretted having to leave the earlier event for the later one. Plus, the timing of events can always go a little wonky, it might say it starts at 6:30 but actually it doesn’t start until 7:00 and then your whole schedule must be pushed back. take into consideration which events are “sure things”, meaning you have tickets or confirmations to them, as opposed to “first come” events.

I tend to double up on events when the first event has a definitive end time and the later event has an open end time. That seems the safest to me. Don’t forget to consider travel time between events and also figuring in time for changes of clothing and for dining, if necessary.

You might have to use your own personal judgment to decide what events to stick to and what ones to scratch. (And you might want to read my post about avoiding a meltdown too!)

Mario: Yes. I usually schedule several plans not including dinner and bounce around a bit. There is too much going on in that area to stay at one place.

Nicole asked using the contact form: Any tips to not miss out on Disney s featured project for 2011? We just by chance walked into Flynns last year and we were even at Tron panel and had no clue!

Erin: Twitter!

B: I agree with Erin. The best way to keep track of “secrets” or surprises during Comic Con is Twitter. Even if you don’t want to tweet, still sign up and follow SDCC related accounts. Be sure to do a search using the #SDCC hashtag as well. You’ll be amazed at what you find!

Mario: Pay close attention to twitter and FourSquare. Don’t just look at your friends list either, do searches for new posts within the area or look for key words like #SDCC.

Is it possible to purchase some of the stuff sold in CC online because I can’t attend it?

Erin: Absolutely! In fact, there are folks who only go to the show to buy exclusives to resell. Some even allow you to “pre buy” them on eBay and then offer a 100% refund if they fail to get the item. Some of the vendors who offer exclusives will also offer them to non-attendees, like all the items Mario wrote about in his Sideshow Coll. post!

Mario: Yes. Hasbro, Mattel, Sideshow, and Graphitti as well as several others all participate in post con sales but you need to act fast because they go quick!

B: If you can’t make it or miss out you can always check Ebay after SDCC but don’t expect to snag a deal. Plenty of other people miss out on Comic Con and head to Ebay to snag up exclusives. Expect to pay more if you fail to preorder!

Erica was wondering: My friend wants to camp out for a possible movie panel and she bought a tent and everything. Are we allowed to camp out though? And bring a tent? Do people normally do this? Thanks!

Mario: I want to say yes but I am unsure. I remember lining up for preview night in ’09 and I believe I saw girls at the front of the line with tents for Thursday mornings twilight panel.

B: I don’t remembering seeing tents but I do know people line up very early, basically overnight, for Hall H. Just remember that whatever you bring to Comic Con, you’ll end up carrying around with you all day unless you’re able to drop things off at your car/hotel easily.

Erin: In the last several years they have allowed camping in the grassy area outside the convention center, on the Hall H side. It was nicknamed “tent city” so yes, people brought tents! They had queues all set out and everything. I can’t imagine it will be any different this year. It’s so ambitious, I hope your fried has a great time!


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