Interview: John & Matt Yuan


Another interview by Mario!

When Nerds Attack: So, Matt and John, how many Comic-Cons have you been to?

Yuan Twins: We have been to three so far.  Our first year was back in 2006.

WNA: That is not a bad run. I know you guys have been involved in several projects over the last few years so what is your status these days, attendee or professional?

YT: As the Unofficial Spokesmen for Boom! Studios, we’re there as unprofessionals.

WNA: So back during your first year what were your expectations before you arrived on the scene?

YT: We’d been to a bunch of smaller cons and thought, “Oh, SDCC is like these, only bigger.”  When we got to San Diego, we found out that’s like comparing a slap fight you had in second grade to World War One.

WNA: That is a very well written simile. Do you think someone new to this show should perhaps practice by attending other shows or is it pointless by this point?

YT: They should practice by getting together with twenty or thirty-thousand of their closest friends and just hanging out for four days.

WNA: Actually that sounds like one hell of a party. What was the one moment that made you think “only at comic-con”?

YT: Seeing all the various publishers in close proximity to one another, for days at a time, with nary a harsh word or homemade bomb being thrown made us go mushy inside.  It’s like a peaceable kingdom at Comic-Con because normally those folks go at it like Balkan cats and dogs.

WNA: Which publisher would be the dirtiest fighter if they had to throw down in an “Anchorman” style street fight?

YT: It’s a toss up between BOOM! Studios and the 2000 AD crowd.  BOOM! has Mark Waid, but 2000 AD has Pat Mills.

WNA: Waid can be very scary when he needs to be. Did you guys pick up any cool gear from the vendors on the floor?

YT: Chebacca T-shirt (combination of Che Guevara and Chewbacca)

WNA: That is pretty sweet, where can we find something like that?

YT: We got ours from the fine folks at Retro Outlaw.  You’ll know you’re at their table when you find yourself thinking, “Holy crap, I need ALL of this!”

WNA: Comic-Con is notorious for industry parties, be it comics, movies video games or whatever. Have any of the roles you where cast in stemmed from a shared pint at an after party?

YT: Are you kidding?  ALL of them have!  Thank goodness we’re alcoholic party animal/bar fly hybrids!

WNA: Did you have any mind-meltingly awesome nerdgasms that you can share?

YT: Oh goodness.  It’s got to be a toss up between having a really cool conversation with Pat Mills about the Redeemer comic strip he did for Warhammer Monthly and getting a picture taken with Frank Miller!

WNA: Did Frank talk to you guys in a noir-ish narration?

YT: We wish, but he was too busy telling some twist to quit bumping her gums.

WNA: Is there anyone in particular you hope to see during the weekend?

YT: Yes, we hope to bump into Catwoman.  Repeatedly.  And with great vigor.

WNA: Would you be dressed as police officers making an arrest?

YT: We were actually going to go for something a little subtler.  Like Batman but without pants.

WNA: Anything in San Diego that you could recommend the readers eat?

YT: The pretzel dogs are AWESOME!

WNA: Where can one find these mutated pigs in a blanket?

YT: Just follow the heavenly scent to one of those carts scattered around the hall!

WNA: I bumped into you guys during the Green Lantern movie panel last year ion Hall H. You didn’t sleep outside to get in, did you?

YT: No.  That’s the surest way to wake up with internal probes.  Actually, we’re just paranoid about people stealing our crap.

WNA: I’d be more afraid of the homeless seeking vengeance on all of these people are sleeping in their spots.

YT: Or aliens abducting us for anal probes… and what would suck about that is it could happen in broad daylight and every one of the thousands of fans waiting in line would think it was a promo for some movie.

WNA: What are your expectations for headed into this year?

YT: We don’t know what to expect from this year and that’s the beauty of it.  Every day will be a pleasant surprise.

WNA: That is the truth if I had ever heard one. Can we expect to see the both of you from Wednesday until Sunday or will you just be down for part of the weekend?

YT: Oh we will be there all four days if we have to lie, steal, cheat, and kill.  Okay, maybe not cheat, that’s just rude.

WNA: It means different things to different people but what does comic con mean to you guys?

YT: Comic Con means meeting that artist whose art you’ve always admired, meeting that writer whose work inspired you, meeting that creator whose characters got you through some rough times… or meeting that really hot chick in an Emma Frost outfit (she can also wear a Power Girl uniform… we’re not picky).

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