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I announced via a post and on Twitter that we’d be working on a little Q&A session. I want to say thank you for all questions and input! If you don’t see your question here, don’t worry. We didn’t want this post to be too long. If you asked about parking, we’ll be working on a separate post about that topic. If you’re new to the blog be sure to take a loo. You might find your answers in a previous post! Now onto the questions!

Juliette asked: Which is the best day to attempt a sit-down meal in the evening, and which local restaurant is the best? (Good food, relaxed dress code, not to expensive)

Mario: I found that (for me) Sunday was the most relaxed day in the city since many people where already departing at the airport. As for food I think I now have to contractually suggest the Proper Pub behind the ballpark. Average price of dishes is $14 and on Sunday they have bottomless mimosas!

B: I’d have to agree with Sunday. I know last year we actually skipped that day of the Con and I’m sure others did as well. I think any day during the Con week (Thursday-Saturday) you should expect a long wait and large crowds at most of the local restaurants. As far as food, twice we dinned at Cafe’ Diem, the Syfy themed restaurant. The wait wasn’t horrible, the theme was fun and the food was good. I think the average cost was around $14.

Erin: Ahhh a girl after my own heart! First, please see my previous post regarding eating well at SDCC (Eat Like A Comic Con Pro) In addition to those suggestions I can’t stress enough the importance of making a reservation, even if it’s one you end up having to cancel because something comes up. I always save the restaurant’s phone number in my phone for just such emergencies!

If you can, get away from the Gaslamp, at least for several blocks. The further up 5th Ave you go the more the crowds will thin out. Hillcrest and Little Italy are also great places to head to hopefully miss the convention crowd.

Most good restaurants have their menu online so spend some time browsing them, getting a feel for their prices and selections, before you make your decision!

@hanselthelost via Twitter asks: My sister will be 14 at SDCC. Could we get in to local bars for SDCC related shows?

B: My advice would be to try and contact the bar/venue before hand see what the policy is. I’d even contact the organizer of the event if possible. In most cases though you’ll find that an age limit is posted or announced with the event.

Erin: I agree, it’s going to vary from event to event, but there are always events that are all ages, so there is bound to be something to do! Any official SDCC “after hours” event, like a viewing or the Masquerade are all ages. Speaking of the Masquerade, that would be a great event to take a 14 year old to!

Mario: I am pretty certain that most bars are 18 for girls & 21 for guys, but if there is an event it could be different but probably not (I used to be a concert promoter at bars in NY).

Here’s a frequent question: When does San Diego Comic Con release their programming schedule?

B: The official schedule is released 2 – 3 weeks before the event but if you pay attention to websites like E! Online, EW and various TV/Movie related blogs, you’ll be able to find information before hand. Just remember that things do change from time to time. I remember last year only David B. was listed to be at the “Bones” panel but Emily made a surprise appearance.

Erin: In the 10-8 days prior to the show you’ll be able to get the full schedule from the official site. They usually release each day on it’s own, 1 or 2 days apart. Leaks of the schedule happen on Twitter when people associated with the panels and events start to talk about them.

Mario: I think they did it two weeks before the show last year, right? I know there is often not a lot of time between post and the dates due to scheduling and working with the talent.

@TheBlaque asked via Twitter: My ?: Everyone knows about Hall-H. But what are the unsung heroes of the halls…maybe the ones you don’t hear much about?

B: The only Ballroom I checked out last year was Ballroom 20. This is where you’ll find a large number of TV panels. The line is just as crazy as Hall H though. If there’s something in Ballroom 20 that you want to see, you better be in line way in advance for it.

Mario: I think the 6 rooms (I need to look again) are good with quality programing. I saw the walking dead panel in that room. (I believe “Castle” was in one of the small “6” rooms as well via B)

Erin: The second largest room is Ballroom 20, where a lot of the great television panels are, but the lines are equally long. Luckily the room holds several thousand fans.

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