Sideshow Collectible 2011 Comic-Con Exclusives

Exclusives, San Diego Comic Con

Another post by Mario!

As always, Sideshow will allow a limited number of these items to be released for pre-order for both pick up at the show and for non attendees. If you are considering either of these options please pay attention to the information below. This is one of my favorite vendors at the show and they have very high quality product so I highly recommend pre-ordering ASAP if you are considering making a purchase from them.

For more information on the Sideshow Exclusives, including prices and availability, please visit

First up is the G.I. Joe 12 inch Cobra Ninja Viper figure. While I like the sculpt used for the face (all of their 12 inch figs are magnificant) this is a pass for me but if you are a Joe fan do not pass this up. Then we have the 12 inch Clone Commander. I can see many people passing on this. It is almost exactly like the clone they released last year. I will go for it just to give my clone some company but if you got last year’s model and arent a completionist then isnt a “must buy.” Then we have the Alien vs Predator mini mask set. Another pass for me but the attention to detail is amazing. If this is your cup of tea then go for it And finally we have the Iron Man 2 Helmet Set. Portraying the Mark IV (or VI), Mark V, and War Machine helmets, these are the ones that I think will be the biggest seller this year. I think these are mini helmet but the details are sparse. I think i will get this for my desk.

Here’s some important information about ordering what you see above.

Cobra Ninja Viper:
Priority Pre-Order: Attendee Edition 10AM PT on May 19th Non-Attendee Edition 10AM PT on May 20th

AVP Predator Mask Set:
Priority Pre-Order: Attendee Edition 10AM PT on May 26th Non-Attendee Edition 10AM PT on May 27th

Clone Commander:
Priority Pre-Order: Attendee Edition 10AM PT on June 2nd Non-Attendee Edition 10AM PT on June 3rd

Iron Man Bust Set:
Priority Pre-Order: Attendee Edition 10AM PT on June 9th Non-Attendee Edition 10AM PT on June 10th

Important Dates to Remember:

July 5th: Processing begins for attendee Sideshow Exclusive orders only.

July 5th: All attendee collectors e-mailed invoices between 07/05 and 7/15.

July 11th: Processing begins for all non-attendee orders.

July 13th: Non-attendee shipping of items begins.

July 20th: Wednesday at 6 PM through Sunday at Noon, for pick up of exclusives. Bring invoice & ID.

July 24th: Any remaining exclusives not picked up by noon will be cancelled/refunded and offered to walk-ups at approximately 1:30PM.

Rewards/Discounts: Not applicable for redemption on exclusives.


  • Can Mario, or anyone else, comment on what sort of job Sidehow does with the pre-order sales and pick-up process? Are they fairly organized with the whole process? What are the opinions about how fast the pre-orders will sell out?

  • while I cannot comment on purchasing direct while at the show I can say that they have a spectacular system in place. i actually hope other companies adopt the system in place (::COUGH COUGH, MATTEL::). What they do is divide the items sold at one per week, and fill all of the orders for that item before moving on to the next one.

    the pre-order sale is are broken into a two day event. the first day is for con attendees and the second is for the rest of the world. they can go fast depending on the desire of the item. for example, last year i ordered a clone trooper for pick up and it was available for a few days, but when i tried to get a Predator fig that was pre-selling on ebay for around $500 it sold out in seconds!

    The pick up process was smooth. all i needed was a print out of my order form and my id. there was no line and the guy went to the back, brought my brown box (ready for shipping) that contained my Clone Trooper within in an awesome collector case. All i had to do was sign something and it was done.

    One nice thing they do is give out mystery gift cards at their booth that contain anywhere from $20 to $100 off any in-stock item in their site.

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