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I know plenty of you out there have questions related to San Diego Comic Con. If you do please send them here and I’ll send them to the other members of the blog. Once I have a good amount of questions I’ll be posting them here and sharing our different answers and insights! Please don’t be shy and don’t think your question is silly or stupid, especially if this is your first time. It’s always better to ask now then to be lost later!

As always you can post questions in the comments as well. I’ll be sure to share them with the team too but the answer will be in an upcoming post. There’s no limit on the number of questions! If we have to we’ll break the posts down into a series.

We can’t wait to answer your questions!


  • Q: Which is the best day to attempt a sit-down meal in the evening, and which local restaurant is the best? (Good food, relaxed dress code, not to expensive)

    Thanks 🙂

  • I’ll be 24 at #sdcc, can I take my 14 year old sister to bars with me? Or What’s the age minimum to enter a bar when accompanied by a guardian?

  • My costume comes with a weapon, it’s a small dagger. I know that if you carry any weapon prop you have to go get it checked out, but where exactly do you? And what is the process of doing so?

  • My friend wants to camp out for a possible movie panel and she bought a tent and everything. Are we allowed to camp out though? And bring a tent? Do people normally do this? Thanks!

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