Welcome Erin!


Since Erin is always contacting me with really awesome post ideas, I’ve invited her to become a writer here at When Nerds Attack! She brings with her six years of San Diego Comic Con experience. Since 1996 she has owned and operated Alter Ego Comics in Marion, Iowa but attends SDCC purely as a pop culture fan. She’s an occasional crafter, constant reader, frequent eater, sporadic traveler, incessant planner and devoted wife of a video game podcaster and mother to a 6 year old pug.

I hope everyone welcomes her with open arms! I’m sure she’s going to bring some fresh ideas and exciting content with her.

One thought on “Welcome Erin!

  • Thank you sooooo much for the invite Barb, I’m thrilled to be a part of the family! I welcome any SDCC questions that folks might have, it’s a real learning experience each year I go and it’s never the same show twice!

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